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Storage for your snuff?

Hi Everyone!

As a new snuffer I obviously went all in and currently have four orders shipping to me from across the pond - and also y'all know I am going to open each and every one of them to smell and take a small pinch to figure out which ones will be my style. So, my question is this: besides decanting, what are some other options for storage of your snuff (say 3-6 months)? Tupperware/airtight container to put all my boxes/tins? In the freezer? 
-Thanks in advance!


  • Air tight containers preferably mason jars stored in a cool dark place preferably a cellar will keep snuff for decades. Air, light and heat are the enemies of tobacco storage.
  • Some of mine is decanted, but the rest remains in their original tins, in a cupboard or the wardrobe at a stable temperature. The more moist snuffs are best decanted, as they can corrode the tins, but I've had no issues with the drier snuffs
  • I apply electrical tape to the seam of tins of dry snuffs.
    I decant all larger volumes into mason jars.
    I use all moist snuffs first or decant into glass.
    Small screw top tins for all EDC snuffs other than Toque Whisky & Honey. I use a plastic snuff bow because I use about 15-20 grams per week of that one.
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