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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Good coarse snuffs?

kekinokekino Member
edited November 2018 in Types of Snuff
Hey guys, so far I've only tried poschls and toques, and while I really like the flavors that toque provides, I think I'd be set for life with 1 menthol( gletscher-prise or red bull), 1 sweet treat every once in a while(lowenprise) and one non-mentholated,non-heavily flavored snuff with a nice coarse grind similar to poschls. Is there any that would fit like this? I really enjoy the way I can take poschls without having to be too careful.
Also, any site that'd be good for ordering these in bulk? Availability in Slovakia isn't always the best ;(.

(Edit: Not sure if made obvious enough, But I'm definitely not looking for a fine snuff, just coarse with no or light flavoring(natural or sp I guess?)

Thanks for any help :)


  • Toque Berwick Brown and the Samuel Gawith Kendals jump to mind, including the Viking series.
  • oh, I've wanted to try vikings before! Is there any site in the eu where I could order pochl and viking(perhaps some bernard?) without much in shipping costs?
  • Dont know what sites you can use. Can you not order from mrsnuff?
  • I would second Viking Thors Hammer. Also Santo Domingo from Fribourg and Treyer. Tobacum from Rosinski. Thrice Brewed from SWS.
  • Hmm, I'll add one or two vikings into my next order then, I remember being interested in them before and know a bit about them, I'll look into all the recommendations tho :)

    Is mrsnuff the best site to order from? I was thinking maybe people in the EU preferred a different site compared to the US or something, but I guess my next order will be from there.
  • You can order from Snuff for Europe).
    For coarse snuffs I would recommend:
    Bernard-Gekachelter Virginie
    Samuel Gawith-Kendal Brown Original
    Sir Walter Scott-Creme de Figue or Roslein or Auld Alliance or Friar Ramon Pane...
    Wilsons of Sharrow-Best Dark
    Fribourg&Treyer-Princes or Princes Special or Santo Domingo
  • Most if not all of the Bernard schmalzers are course. Some are lightly flavored as well.
  • Just received the Bernard Gekachelter Virginie @tobaccobob mentioned yesterday. Really nice stuff.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    @kekino Have you tried Toque Ambrosia? I wouldn't call it quite coarse, but it is coarser, darker and moister than Toque Natural/Original. And a way stronger! Toque Peanut Butter is a little bit coarser, too (medium grind, actually; 25 g TPB tins now being sold for a very nice price at Some snuffs in ToqueUSA line are on a Germanic style oiled medium grind base (ToqueUSA Citrus, Lime, Peach), Poschl fan might find them easier to take than most regular Toque snuffs.

    Bernard Kownoer is a nice moist coarse snuff, but it is water based (doesn't contain parafin), akin to SG Kendal Brown snuffs.

    Gawith Hoggarth SP is the only moist and coarse SP snuff, but you must go for 25 g vacuum tin (steer clear of SG and GH in 10 g tap boxes!):

    There's a really coarse and moist (approximating to rappee, hence somewhat messy, when fresh) Wilsons of Sharrow Best Dark snuff, dark and strong, bergamot scented thing.

    Samuel Gawith SGM is coarse, medium moist mentholated snuff, fairly nice one, just had some easy sniff from the back of my hand.

    Wilsons of Sharrow Singleton's Super Cool is smokey, dark, coarse and moist mentholated wonder. Might be a pleasant surprise, not lacking in nicotine department this.

    Wilsons of Sharrow Dr. Rumney's Blue - medium coarse, medium moist, camphorated menthol with a hint of smokiness, but medium brown in colour. Low to medium nicotine.

    V2 Thunder snuff (V2 'fine'snuffs are quite coarse, suited for taking from the back of the hand, just like Poschl snuffs) might match the grind you are searching, too. Mind you, all Thunder stuff is strong!
    Available at and (out of stock there now; I really hope V2 haven't discontinued them, though I have a bad feeling - they disappeared from completely..).

    There are only four online shops for the EU consumer left: (widest assortment and lowest shipping price), (fast delivery, but higher shipping cost), (huge mark-up, VAT on non-American tobacco products, some nasal snuffs might be stale there, particularly those from the discontinued WoS range); you can order from as well, but shipping price might be somewhat deal-breaking (unless there's a free shipping promotion).
  • I prefer course over fine, i find toque ambrosia is very easy to take and has an amazing scent
  • @Codyg140 Ungreased schmalzler, Ambrosia! :) I always wished schmalzlers were stronger, and then found this.
  • I think thats exactly why i enjoy it so much, easy to take like the schmalzlers i love but has a nice kick to it
  • moemojomoemojo Member
    edited November 2018 PM
    Sam Gawith Black Rappee.

    Very coarse, black as midnight, chock fulla salty goodness.  No scent or flavor. Strong enough that you will see into the future!
  • Hi there and for me it would be:

    Toque Berwick Brown and
    Bernard-Gekachelter Virginie (just spotted you've already got some...but any one who hasn't tried this should!)

    Must order me some Ambrosia I think.

  • Gekachelter Virginie is one of the best if you ask me.
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