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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

A year!

     Tonight, at 3am (ish) I will be at a year without smoking a cigarette.  I'm walking around my kitchen waiting for eggs to boil and, savoring some Toque quit,.True to it's name that Snuff helped me quit, that snuff was my rock when my brain and body was in turmoil from withdrawls...i couldn't have made it 
very far if it wasn't for snuff.

Now a year later i am happilly and guiltlessly hooked on this happy nicotine nose powder and don't see any reason to ever quit this lovely stuff. I still have the first snuff i tried after i started researching it. Maybe tonight i'll take a little of that.  It's weird tho; since all it is is America Spirit tobacco ground up in a coffee grinder, it will be weird to at least somewhat taste what my cigarettes used to be like, but, of course just in my nose. 

I have an addictive personality, and i'm Obsesses compulsive ( emphasis on the Obsessive), even my best friend thought i'd never stop smoking...hell, i didn't really think i could stop, but here i am, happy with my clean lungs and black boogers.  I proved us wrong! Ha!
 So maybe this will encourage someone else who is batting the demon can be done, snuff can be your Savior.

  Have a happy Thanksgiving y'all.


  • Happy Thanksgiving @Captainblackboogers & congrats for winning your battle. Tobacco's a lovely companion but I've come to exclusively prefer the leaf as snuff too.
  • Thanks, and cheers!
  • Congrats on the clean lungs, keep it up! In my opinion snuff is superior in so many ways and I use to smoke a lot of cigs
  • Congratulations!
  • @Captainblackboogers great job, keep it up! Quitting cigarettes is tough, but the rewards are numerous. Being able to breathe comes to mind. Snuffing is so much more interesting and engaging. Perhaps it is the most harmless addiction save perhaps coffee.
  • at some point you'll wonder why you ever bothered with the coffin nails.
  • Congrats man!

    I did the same with snus! But I have recently been forced to move away from the stuff (it can be very expensive to order from sweden and I'm currently poor as a poor thing). I went Cold turkey for a week which was one of the craziest weeks of my life. No one really explains just how blooming strange coming off nicotine is. The lack of nicotine was more like taking lots of wacky drugs than being "clean" from a drug. Very fucking weird... Has anyone else fallen into the rabbit hole of nicotine withdrawal? 

    Anyway, After that strange week I had had a bloody nuff of beating up the oven because it wasn't clean enough (a really strange week) and that's when I took a hugggeeee honker of Hedges L.260 and my world was complete. And because I have been building a collection of snuff since I was about 14 I have sooooooooooooo much of it that I would honestly struggle to run out within a year :)! Even if some of it is a bit stale, being over eleven years old... blimey.  

    So yeah, tobacco can be a many stepped addiction, and I am, at the age of 25, on step number 3. Where oh where could it take me next?.....
  •   haha, great story @tommybegley

       My first week after quitting cigs was weird too, your right about the strangeness.  I felt like i was coming up
    on a hallucinogen or some shit; was at a heightened state of mind kind of.

     My poor little nieces suffered too because i had no patience at all and didn't want to be touched.  When they 
    came over to my parents i went and hid out alone in the woods. 

     Snuff helped but only if i purposely overdosed every time i took it, or took enough where i knew if i tried to have a puff i would have a heart attack. It was crazy.

      Now my only problem is stopping myself from buying more when i don't really need to...dammit.  Really, which is more addictive,taking the snuff, or buying snuff? 
  • It really is a weird one. I just can't believe that more people don't talk about how strange it is. 

    hahahahaha, my finger is constantly hovering over the "checkout" button. But so far I have been able to keep myself in check. There are just so many out there I don't think you could ever really satisfy yourself. 
  • Congratulations on the freedom!

    Snuff was a big part of the emancipation from the cigarettes too. Having said that, I do occasionally lapse, but with VERY strict self imposed rules. I allow myself no more than 25g of tobacco a month, be that for pipe or hand rolling, and some months, in fact most months, I don't bother at all. Smoking has now become an occasional treat which I allow myself, because I know that it will not be reopening the door to the addiction.

    However, I decided that I wasn't truly free from the addiction, until I could have a pipe or cigarette WITHOUT needing another afterwards, so I do allow myself that very short leash. If I do find myself wanting by the end of that 25g, I make sure I have a full month of abstinence before allowing myself another pouch.

  • I admire your willpower. 
  • @Captainblackboogers

    Thank you. It was not easy getting to this position by any measure, but certainly worth it. Breaking the addiction means full freedom. First, the freedom to not smoke, then the freedom TO smoke, WITHOUT losing that first freedom.

    Not everyone can achieve that second level of freedom, and it does take discipline, but I didn't want to live in fear of my own weakness, by never allowing myself to enjoy the occasional treat.
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