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JNF snuffs

volungevolunge Member
edited November 23 in Types of Snuff
Just received two new plain (unscented) Indian snuffs, made by Janta Naswar Factory, based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan:
White Horse (Indian White Snuff) and White Horse Gul. Had some pinches of both, the first impressions are very nice.

I find them both equally fine and dry, solid medium strength (fairly safe for pleasurable chain pinching). They differ in colour and taste, though. White Horse is brighter and has somewhat sourish tin note, whereas White Horse Gul is a tad darker and has a subtle sweetness to it along with a very, very slight chocolaty-ghosting tin note, the thing I really love about gul type snuffs. Nose burn is typical of similar snuffs in the same category: sharp, but fast subsiding.

Both snuffs are not as lightweight as 41P WE or DW (read: not as dusty, hence less challenging to take) and could be recommended as an easier introduction to fine Indian snuffs for a curious beginner. Mind you, though, they are still quite fine - you might notice a cloud of snuff particles upon closing the lid!

Good thing about these 20 g tins - they are wide enough for grabing a pinch comfortably and might do a nice job serving as a basic table snuffbox.



  • Great photo and review, thanks! I skipped the Gul on my order as I find the 6P too difficult to take for the benefit vs Cheeta or WE. Looking forward to my JNFs which should arrive any day
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 26 PM
    @ar47 I ran out of 6P gul, so can't compare them side-by-side at the moment, but I would say 6P gul is a little bit moister (well, I admit talking about moisture is crazy in this case, but still) and a tad deeper roasted (or just made of a darker tobacco). I you didn't enjoy 6P gul, you are missing not a jot here.

    A few more notes. Both White Horses are strong, highly alkalised and somewhat gritty on the throat (not sure, if it's sandy tobacco, or cruder fraction of alkalis used). Excessive indulgence in both resulted in pretty hard 'smoker's cough' (or, should I rather call it, 'hoarsening', khm-khm) next morning. I recall experiencing similar expectoration from Dholakia's Sparrow and White (and from the WE to a lesser extent) in the first days.

    Another example of gritty snuff is Neffa Ifrikia. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy it. I just don't fancy the spittoon, so am quite sensitive to the properties of the back drip.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited December 5 PM
    @volunge maybe it's the alkalis you mentioned. I soothed my nose today with moist Toque after a bad morning from lots of WHW the night before. All I could smell all morning was a solvent like aroma that I got maybe a hint of while snuffing the WHW. I tried their Tapkir a bit earlier and while the tin note was great, once it was in my nose I got that solvent smell again. Could that smell be the alkalis? It doesn't seem healthy. The WHW is a beautiful thing otherwise but this chemical smell is a bit of a show stopper for me.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 5 PM
    @ar47 I guess it's chuna to blame (slaked aka edible lime, calcium hydroxide, strong alkalizer), at least partly. It is abundant in many Indian snuffs (for instance, it's very pronounced in 6P Cheeta and Super Chetak). Some Bernard snuffs contain up to 4.1% of calcium hydroxide, too (I felt the taste of it in Aecht AB). In form of limewater it was used in manufacturing Welsh or Irish snuffs (bet there was some in GH Irish D as well).

    I carried out a small experiment - aired my WH tin overnight. No changes whatsoever, the smell is still there. Sniffed some pinches, which triggered ''old-smoker's'' expectoration almost instantaneously.

    It took really long time for me to attune my nose and taste receptors to that lime thing in Cheeta..
  • bobbob Member
    I was having a similar issue with other snuffs too. Including the expectorations. I started airing out the snuff that was giving me both issues. That solvent smell is pretty terrible and it does hit more the next day. Well I found that airing out the snuff before putting it into the snuff box reduced both the irritation and that gross smell. I am not sure but I think it maybe lingering ammonia or some other similar thing. Also after airing out the snuffs that have caused these issues including cheeta not only have they not irritated my throat and sinuses hardly at all and I haven't gotten that horrid next day solvent smell but the snuff scent are now smoother and richer too. Hope that works for you guys too.
  • All your reviews are welcomed.
    We will see to the smell of tins for sure. 
    Many more varieties like Herbal Snuff & Creamy Snuff are on there way to MS, you may try those also.

    Happy Snuffing!
  • @indiansnuffjnf Could it be the white enamel paint ghosting that solventy smell? I wouldn't mind a tin without any painting at all. Another minor issue - tiny pieces of paint coating peeling off upon opening/closing the lid and crumbling into the snuff. Apart from that, everything's fine with the snuff itself. Thanks for making it available!
  • My tin of WH does not have any paint on it, inside or out. The inside lid has a thin plastic coating just like any other snuff container or mason jar. My guess is the slacked lime. Although I did not experience any solvent smell, irritation or coughing the next day. And I used WH for two evenings in a row exclusively. Personally, I much prefer WH to WE, as it does not have the fishy or shrimp taste. Plus it is more reasonably priced. I will crack the tin of Gul soon. Looking forward to it!
  • i also dont have any problems with this snuff (white horse white). i really like it as a matter of fact. its strong and easy to snuff for an indian white. its at a great price too! thanks @indiansnuffjnf for this great new snuff

    i havent tried the gul yet but im sure i will eventually
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