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Occasional snuffing

50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
edited December 2018 in General
When you're a regular snuff user, you fall into certain routines, and your body (nose) adjusts to the hobby. However, I have noticed that if you break that cycle, and use snuff less frequently, things change. Becoming less of a habitual user for want of a better term, I have changed how I carry snuff, and how I use it. I thought I might share some of the revelations and newer habits.

One snuff box.

When I was a heavier and more frequent user, variety was everything. I would often carry at least three types, a course, a finer plain or SP, and a dessert snuff. Now, filling three snuffboxes is stupid, as they will all have dried out before I use them. Picking one snuff you are happy to take all day, and only loading a box with what you expect to use in one or two days, keeps the snuff at its freshest and saves wastage. It also minimises the amount of times you open your tins and expose them to air.

The conditioning wait.

For the occasional user, a generous pinch when you want one, is a good recipe for a sneezing fit. Your nose is not conditioned to do that any more. I find the best way for me to start a snuff session, or enjoy a good pinch when the nose is not ready for it, is to take a very small pinch in each nostril, and then wait. There may be a sneeze. That is not what you are waiting for though. The nose will also release a little more moisture on the inside, to better receive the bigger pinch that you are planning to take. The little pinch and wait before the big pinch, primes the nose and gets the nostrils ready for some fun. If it does NOT prime the nose, that usually means I am not hydrated enough to start snuffing, and prompts me to take on fluids first.

The hanky place mat

When you are not in the habit of snuffing, you might not be in the habit of pocketing a handkerchief either. It is easy to grab a snuffbox, forgetting to check if you have a hanky too. If you are not in the habit of carrying a hanky at all times, always put your snuff box on top of a hanky when it is not in your pocket. That way when you go to pocket your snuff box, you are more likely to pick up the hanky too.

Doubling up, and back up tins

If you are not in the habit of always putting your snuff tin in your pocket. There is a good chance that when you do fancy an occasional pinch, or want to take it with you when you leave the house, you will have forgotten where the hell you put it. Having a spare snuffbox or two, or a few empty Toque tins, kept with your main stash is a good idea. Keep another handkerchief in there too for the same reasons already mentioned.

Be prepared to ditch it.

If the snuffbox contents go dry before you empty it, you could put it in a tupperware box overnight to hydrate it. The chances are though, that you will forget to do that. Or you will discover that the box you thought you had lost is still in there from four days ago. If you only have a few pinches in there, just dump out the old, and top up with new. It is most likely less than a gram or two, so just write it off and move on.

Surprise scents.

Suddenly you will be hit by a surprise scent. This might be a ghosting scent that suddenly pops up from a pinch you had earlier, or even the day before. Or it might be the sudden awareness of a scent you did not notice earlier, because you had snuff in your nose. So all of a sudden, you might get a whiff of something very pleasant that you weren't expecting, or all of a sudden you will be hit squarely between the eyes with how much your old trainers honk. These sudden scents seen to happen to me more now than when I was a more regular snuffer.

Intentional restraint

If your nose has fallen out of habit of using snuff, there is a higher chance you are going to overdo it and make your nose sore, or give yourself a snuff hangover. Yes, they do exist. So if you are snuffing after a long break, go easy, or you might put yourself of wanting any more for the next week or so. By which time you will have lost your snuffbox again.


  • Finally i m an occasional snuff user i still vape all day, snuff is like a bonus to relax or just to feel a pure tobacco feeling. those days i had a little pinch of sws havana toast it gives such a good feeling, a better feeling than when i was trying to chain snuffing.
  • As much as I would love to make snuff my main habit, I've found it to be one of the least convenient forms of tobacco to use in public (aside from dip, lol). The mess, the snot, the assumptions of others... at this point I've settled on keeping snuff as an at-home treat between my now-less-frequent cigarettes. Not exactly ideal, but on the bright side, I can now leave the house without spending 15 minutes choosing a tin! :D
  • I agree on the public snuffing aspect, to a point. Here, taking a pinch of snuff would get you less noticed than your nose running black. I too tend to use it more indoors than anywhere else. I also, as snufferdemedicis, vape more than I snuff, and again convenience my be a sizable part of this. I do not need to worry about my nose starting to run afterwards, or need to clean up with a hanky.

    By frequency, snuffing is still my primary use of tobacco, and I snuff far more often than I smoke. By volume the less frequent but higher quantity per session pipe smoking may exceed my snuff use. I smoke maybe 150-200g per year.
  • oh let people stare at you. It means you're doing something more interesting then they are at the moment. And it can't become normal even if still a touch eccentric if we all hide. Also ironically once you stop caring people stop noticing unless they're talking with you when you take the pinch. It's honestly more your vibe that attracts attention more then snuffing.
  • oh yeah and two things how are you supposed to find other snuffers if we all indulge at home? Second when talking with someone offer them a pinch it gives you an excuse to take one too.
  • bob 
  • The actual snufftaking bit is not so huge a concern for me -- I like to think I pinch pretty discreetly anyway. But the amount of tissues I go through at home always leaves me wondering: how did the nobility of olde deal with all the mess back in their day? It doesn't bother me much when I'm at home, as I have a wastebasket right next to me and I'm not all that scared of what comes from my own nose. But it seems to me that the hobby is unavoidably "gross" to outsiders in ways that can't be effectively covered up. The day I figure out how to deal with nose crumbs and front drip without mess (or shoving tubes of tissue up my nose) is the day I start snuffing exclusively!
  • I've never gotten a comment except from my mother for my snuff hanky which I heave into for weeks at a time without washing typically. LOL
  • I agree with Insnufflemus. I have no problem with the public pinch, and have done many times. The occasional puzzled look doesnt worry me, nor explaining it to anyone who cares to ask. I dont tend to suffer the crumbs too much either. It is more about not getting a run or forward drip in public. I only pinch when and where I can be sure of managing what happens next. I am obviously less worried about that at home.

  • Just out of interest, does any one who vapes match their snuff to the flavour of their vape?
  • Not me, although I tend to get tobacco flavoured vape juice anyway. I will occasionally get blueberry or raspberry vape juice, but won't try to match this with snuff. Same with food, drink, or pipe tobacco, I just use whatever of each I feel in the mood for.
  • For what it's worth I vaped for eight years and for the last couple years I only used the same single flavor (honey dew + cantaloupe). For the first few years I had drawers and drawers of the stuff, did mixing etc. Eventually it all tasted the same - actually the melon was one of the few I could still tolerate. Anything waffle, tobacco, cream, etc I found gross. When I started snuffing around 10 months ago I lost my ecig (I had also downsized from countless mods to just a single nondescript variable wattage batter holder) and went a month without no problem next to the wonder of snuff. By the way my lungs and sense of smell got better when I dropped the ecig, not as much as but analogous to when I quit smoking. I decided to try ecig one more time, ordered a few of my old favorites from VirginVapor (organic) while they were closing shop and got a fresh setup. Gave them a chance for a couple weeks and, with an irritated chest and a disgusted palette, threw the ecig in the garbage.

    So no, I never had a melon snuff to match with my vape :) March 2019 will be my one year snuff-iversary and general quit of ecigs, and I can confidently say I havent touched the things at all since June and don't intend to again either. Like cigarettes, when it's all around you or on TV (love those old Paul Newman movies) it seems so attractive but like so many vices the thought isn't as good as the real thing.

    Thanks for listening ;) vape em and smoke em if you got em and it really gives you pleasure. Me I love my snuff 8->
  • Thanks for your replies 50ft and ar47, I have found some snuffs seem to lead to fuller flavour of my vape or in some instances reversed the onset of vapours tongue. If its bad Extra Crumbs of Comfort does the trick.
  • Most of my collection is split between pungent florals, rich tobaccos, and toasts, so I tend to just use toasts whenever I'm introducing another flavour into the mix. They seem to play well with just about everything.
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