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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Question about snuff

Is the difference between blends light and dark where the tobacco comes from. For example i really like the natural toast from toque mostly because it is a lighter tobacco i think. Or is that because it has been toasted? I also have always liked the seville i have and it is lighter in colour. Just not as moist. The other toques i have seem to be really dark. Why is this.


  • SammyD13SammyD13 Member
    edited January 5 PM
    @Tobaccoman the type of leaf used is one factor in determining the color of the snuff produced. Virginias, rustica, and orientals have a lighter color. Sun curing brightens the color of any leaf. Toasting lightens the color somewhat and transforms the flavor profile. Burley and fire-cured leaf are darker. As moisture is added to any tobacco flour, it gets darker.
    As far as some Toques being darker, I would guess that may be because burley leaf is used. I definitely detect that leaf in Toque Natural (which is darker).
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