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Dropped my beloved snuff box lid and it...

...hit the the toilet seat in work and bounced off onto the filthy looking floor. Do I throw it out or how should I give it a good clean so I don't get the bad aids? Any advice?


  • Btw it's a wooden Wilsons of Sharrow box.
  • @vmank1q Could you dip it in hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to disinfect it? That's how you disinfect wooden cutting boards. 
  • bobbob Member
    edited January 2019 PM
    wood actually handles bacteria well. It sucks it into the pours actually, where they end up starving. Which is why a wooden cutting board is more sanitary then a plastic one. I'd gently wash it with soap and water and gently hand dry it. Leave it for a day before using again and it will be fine.
  • Thanks for the advice guys. I've had the snuff box since about 2011 so I've had it quite awhile and didn't want to bin it.
  • now if you dropped it into the toilet I'd say it's a lost cause. Floor is fine.
  • Oh yeah it would be a goner if it hit the water. I just washed it with soap and water and dried it. I'll leave it for a day and use it again.
  • I dropped a box in the toilet and even though it was just a cheap plastic one that probably would have been fine if I sterilized it I had to toss it. One it was cheap but no matter how clean it was I'd think of it as the toilet snuff container.

  • You can also put it in a deep freezer for a couple of days...

  • Your comment      "it would be a goner if it hit the water."     set my twisted word association going again , and I recalled a crude old joke from many years ago.

    Here Goes....

    What did the VD germ say when it saw the penicillin?

    I'm a gonorrhoea ! 

    [goner here}


  • You could always keep it for handing around snuff in the pub to people you do not like.

  • giphy (2)
  • It's too late now. I washed it last night, dried it and used it today. The lid is really slippery in the box now, odds on it will happen again  8-|
  • DocHollidayDocHolliday Member
    edited January 30 PM
    Dropped my cell in the toilet once. Used Lysol on it and dried it! Then a guy I did not like asked if he could use it. After he was done and gave it back I told him where it had just been! He freaked out and almost drew his duty weapon to shoot me!
    Doc Holliday


  • Toilet plumbing is a complete mystery to me.
    Take a toilet u bend for instance.
    I can't get my head around that.

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