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Netherland snuffer help me please

Hi Guys,

I got a friend in Netherlands who will be back to Indonesia in May. Is there any tobacco store that sell snuff in Netherlands? Especially Holland. Or maybe should I order some snuff from mrsnuff and sent it to my friend there?

It's very hard to get snuff in Indonesia. Maybe almost impossible. SO I do any means necessary to get some :)
Any help with information will be appreciated :)


  • In my experience there is very little there. You might find some Gletscherprise and Ozona, but that's about it. Sadly the fantastic Kralingse Molens are no more. Other people might know more.

    I am in the UK and happy to post some snuff to your friend if you wanted some UK snuffs. Just let me know. 
  • @artificialme: Snuff in Holland is difficult to find. Your best chance is with specialised Tobacco shops in the largest cities and as barredbenny already said very limited choise.

    Good luck,

    Jaap Bes.
  • @barredbenny and @snuffmiller : Is it possible to buy them from mrsnuff and sent it to Holland? Is there any restriction in quantity or anything?
  • Try My Smoking shop. Excellent service and prices, better than Mr Snuff. I think they ship to EU countries. Toque is another excellent company! 
  • Try My Smoking shop. Excellent service and prices, better than Mr Snuff. I think they ship to EU countries. Toque is another excellent company! 
  • Hi @vmak1q,

    I saw their site right now. It's heartbreaking to see that they will not ship tobacco product outside UK. But let me contacting them first if they may make some exception. Thank you in advance :)
  • Oh sorry, I thought they just couldn't ship to the USA. I assumed they could ship within the EU. That sucks if true. 
  • That was really sad. Hope there's some good news for me from their customer services :)
  • Already got the answer from My Smoking Shop. They said that they couldn't sent tobacco product outside of UK. The sky had gotten darker again then. Let me contact mrsnuff for this...
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 17 PM
    @artificialme,, (mrsnuff) and do ship to Indonesia. I would risk and place a small order, not exceeding Indonesia's allowed 45 g limit. Just bear in mind that customs most probably would count the weight of containers (tins, tap boxes etc) as well. You might consider buying snuff in lightweight sachets (for instance:,,

    Rosinski does ship worldwide (shipping fee is EUR 6 to any country). All Rosinski snuffs are available in 10 g sachets.

    Toque offers economy bags: You might ask Roderick to reduce the weight down to 45 g (I believe Roderick would do that or even resend you the snuff in seizure's case).

    McChrystal's send worldwide and offer free standard delivery on all orders of GBP 15 and up: ships to Indonesia, too:

    All these vendors do ship to Holland as well.

    And here's the Dutch online snuff seller for Holland's inland orders:
    If you haven't tried those 5 Poschls, I recommend ordering all of them. Be warned, they all are mentholated.
  • @volunge that is an incredibly helpful post! I am taking note as well, I didn't know about some of these.
  • @barredbenny, is a good place to procure American scotch snuffs. All tobacco products sent from the USA warehouse are excluded of VAT. I would not recommend it for European nasal snuff purchases within the EU (UK including) due to the huge mark-up and VAT.

    VAT isn't charged on orders outside the EU. There's a decent selection of true Swedish snus for them outsiders as well.
  • @volunge: did you ever shipped some tobacco product to Indonesia? just curious though. Some people said that Indonesian's Customs allowed 200 grams of tobacco product (cigar and cigarette not counted in grams though). But last time I ordered from mrSnuff, maybe (give or take) 100 grams, it got stuck in our customs, sent it to their laboratory, then sent back to mrSnuff a.k.a not allowed. Gosh, what a country I lived in.

    But let me ask those store if they could ship to Netherlands without any problems :)
    Thanks for your information. It's a real life saver :)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 17 PM
    @artificialme no, I'm in the EU. I have only read about Indonesia's tobacco import limits in some old JakartaBoy's threads:
  • @volunge fantastic, I was wondering what the best way of getting American scotches was. That's going to be next month's order! I'm thinking some Levi Garrett and some Tube Rose.
  • @volunge : gosh, I just read that now. Pathetic custom we got on our country. They updated the regulations said that we can bring 200 grams of tobacco product but that was just written rules (just as @JakartaBoy said). Everything will be counted from who will be in charge when my package arrived.

    After all, I just want to get a proper snuff just to compare it to my own homemade snuff. Comparing it with premium stuf never hurts, right? :D
  • I'd just read email from Toque's Customer Service. He said that after investigated Netherlands customs, Tobacco and tobacco products are restricted materials that can not be imported except it has Netherlands excise seal. Gosh.
  • That sucks!
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