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Getting Snuff/Snus in Canada?

So I have just started on snuff and snus from a gift that a friend gave me as a late Christmas present. I live in Canada, where any non-cigarette form of tobacco is EXORBITANTLY expensive. I've bought pipe tobacco online before from other places, but they usually charge you a huge fee by the time it gets to the post office. 

So I was wondering if anyone here has a reliable source for getting snuff and snus cheaply in Canada? What about Northerner? Apparently they're good?


  • Stay away from northerner, worst.

    Mr.snuff or toque directly are the best place for snuff.

    Pipe tobacco I used 4noggins and had no problems.

    With snus its a bit more complicated...i've had good luck with snusline in the past but they charge an insane amount of money now so its not really worth it.

    Taxfreesnus i have used a couple times and no problems, they just dont carry the brands i prefer.

    Otherwise order from snuscentral or snusexpress make sure you order in bulk when something you like is on sale and get it shipped swedish post in one package.

    UPS will hurt your bum with excise taxes and brokerage fees.

    And if you dont specify one package most will ship in several 5 can shipments. Which in theory gives a better chance to have some sneak through but if they all get caught you end up paying double because you have to pay a $30 handling fee on each package.

    30 cans if caught normally cost me about $200 to ontario in duty. But when it sneaks through its like christmas
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