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Bergamot Snuffbox

edited February 2019 in Snuff Accessories
Hello guys I want to show you my new entry
A bergamot Snuffbox


This is a traditional snuffbox used by paesants and soldiers of Calabria and whole Kingdom of Sicily
Very appreciated in Italy and France the snuffboxes and other objects in bergamot vanished in the years and rediscoverd by a priest in a little city near Reggio Calabria allowing everybody to know this great old tradition
Bergamot only grows in the south of Calabria near the city of Reggio

Ps I dont know to post a photo


  • Thanks for sharing, very interesting and unique! Is it an old (vintage) item, or a brand new one? Looks quite fresh.

    P. S. Sent you a PM regarding picture posting.
  • edited February 2019 PM
    It is brand new
    I think there are not vintage
    Inside is bergamot scented and I am trying to remove thie scent
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited February 2019 PM
    You can' t remove the scent and if you try you'll probably ruin the snuff box. They are made from a bergamot peel that has been turned inside out. They are made to give a bergamot scent to any snuff you put in them, if you dont like bergamot snuff then dont get a bergamot peel snuffbox. You can make your own out of any citrus fruit like lemon and orange and they will give your snuff a scent like the peel.
  • @n9inchnails
    I dont ruin the snuff box
    By time the scent will go away and if not I will use in it plain tobaccos or snuff I dont like normally
  • Fantastic! What a great find. I too would relish the scent until it fades.
  • @barredbenny
    Yep beacuse it is beatiful and I want to use it with all my snuffs and dont want to ruin the always with bergamot scent
  • That is really cool! I would like to get one, but I can't travel there. Do they sell them online anywhere?
  • @eyetried
    I think they could send you by international mail
    Where are you?
  • @schmalzlerfranzl I'm in the US. I just saw the price of shipping was about $30. I might hold off on this.
  • @eyetried
    Yep it is a problem
    Shipping in the US has its cost infact I never buy from US
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