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Old Snuff does it go bad?

edited February 2019 in General
Hi all i was looking in one of my cupboards and came across a box with about 40 tins of snuff...now all are sealed... but all have been open at some point.. but i think they've been in there for at least 5 years... would all of this be useless?????

Thanks for your time :)

"Enjoy life" :)


  • They should be fine as long as they havent gone moldy(you can visually see mold growing all over the snuff like a whitish fuzz). They may be dried out and stale but they are still snuffable in that state or you could rehydrate them to make them more snuffable and flavourful.
  • I've noticed that some snuffs change over time, but don't necessarily get worse.  I have some F&T Princes that's about 3 years old, and the intense perfume has faded a little and more of that leather smokiness comes through.  It's more like Old Paris now.
  • if it smells bad or looks bad it's probably bad. If it doesn't it's probably good. They'll probably have changed character somewhat depending on the storage conditions. Like has been said could be bad or good.
  • I have open snuffs from last century. Guess my vote. :)

  • One thing I recently discovered is that a Scotch Snuff can completely lose all of its smokiness.
    I recently decanted a vintage box of Bruton's and it smells like an old, dusty book.

  • Thanks for all your comments :)
    "Enjoy life" :)
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    I got a lot of ancient snuff. Well..not ancient, but pre-historic perhaps. I bought them some years ago, kept em lying around..some are even better now than when they were new!

  • I said it before but when it goes bad it's obvious. It either will look moldy or smell bad. It's like the same way certain foods are, if it doesn't gross you out it's almost certainly fine. and also if it has gone bad it won't kill you just gross you out and make you sick if you keep taking the snuff despite it being terrible.

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