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Using Pill Boxes

Lou_BlissLou_Bliss Member
edited February 2019 in Snuff Accessories
Hey guys I just wanted to know whether or not I could use pill boxes much like the one i have found on (search up Spock Pill Box and you'll see what I'm on about) or should i avoid pill boxes in order to store snuff for on the go pinching delight. I appreciate any insight to this question.


  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I got some very similar pill boxes and was disappointed to discover that the seal was not tight enough to hold snuff. They could work if the box is kept upright at all times but in the pocket, the snuff came out.
  • any recommendations on what pill boxes or whatnot would be a good alternative to snuff boxes which are either very large or arent for pocket use @SammyD13?
  • Snuff boxes are essentially a snuff proof pill box. Pill boxes are not snuff proof, snuff will leak out and also clog up the hinge.

    Alot of snuffboxes on ebay are actually pill boxes not suitable for snuff and some of the pill boxes listed on ebay are actually snuff boxes though it is often difficult to tell from the pictures.
  • and you can't even take a decent pinch out of a pill box and even if they worked for snuff they're so small you'd run of snuff sometime in the morning.
  • Hmmm @SammyD13 I might pick some of these up

    @n9inchnails snuff boxes that are easy to carry are few and far inbetween which is a shame and I appreciate the insight I'll have to keep that in mind if I shop on eBay

    @bob I honestly don't need a whole lot as I take fairly small pinches
  • we have heard such silliness before and then still heard that pill boxes are too small. For one it's hard to take a pinch from one.
  • you end up spilling more snuff then pinching and that's just not right. Oh and it's the pillbox that is silly, not wondering if they'd make a good snuff carrier. 
  • I use camel snus container has a seal and hold plenty of snuff
  • i like that idea about using camel snus tins @Operator66 ! i think im gonna buy a few and throw away the snus
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