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Dream Snuff

GlasgowSnuffGlasgowSnuff Member
edited February 24 in General
We all have lists of our fave snuffs, top 5, 10, 25 etc. Sometimes when I have time on my hands I get to dreaming of my perfect snuff. It changes from time to time but here is my latest. I love WOS crumbs of comfort but also rate Toque USA spearmint. Right now I dream of toque USA spearmint on a coarser bass like the peach, little background note of menthol and a little rustica just to add a kick. Comments welcome colleagues.


  • A rustica-based snuff scented with Cannabis terpenes.
    Some existing snuffs would be my dream snuffs
    if they were more-heavily scented. Some that come to mind are Friar Ramon Pane, Creme de Figue, and Toque Ambrosia. When a scent is so wonderful and so unique, I am OK with it drowning out the tobacco scent. It is like aromatherapy.
  • GlasgowSnuffGlasgowSnuff Member
    edited February 24 PM
    Ok, excuse my ignorance but what is a terpenes
  • @GlasgowSnuff have you tried Poschl S Type?
  • Terps are what give cannbis specific smells, some citrus(yum) some sweet, some skunky
  • @SammyD13 never tried the type S but have tried the R an it was good. @Codyg140 thanks
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