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 We are launching a new website. Free shipping for first 500 orders!

Raw tobacco / whole leaf supplier (EU)

volungevolunge Member
edited March 2019 in General

I'm not sure if this vendor ships outside the EU. I have no experience buying whole leaf / raw tobacco, but I did some investigation and all seems legit, folks in Sweden purchase their leaves there.

NB! "The raw tobacco is sold exclusively for decoration or as fragrance!
Tobacco leaves or raw tobacco in the tax sense are not considered as tobacco but as an agricultural product and therefore do not have to be taxed by tobacco.
Only when you cut or process these into cigarette tobacco / tobacco will you have to pay tax on the agricultural product."


  • Great find! Bookmarking this.
  • Yeah I've used Eurotabak.de many times . They are a trustworthy supplier . 

  • @Pikey, did you find any of them eurotabak leaves noticeably stronger? Have you tried their Burley Honey Stringed thing, nicotine 3%? Name alone sounds appetizing.
  • I haven't been that lucky with the leaf I bought off Eurotabak . It was well cured and presented loosely packed but the parcels I had were a bit young for immediate consumption . I ve had a couple of batches of bright virginia in storage for over a year and it's just coming good now. It doesn't seem stronger than average . 

    I haven't tried that Burley . In general I was much happier with the tobacco I used to get  before the UK laws changed . 
  • As it goes , I dug out a couple of scraps to test . Yeah flavour is much improved now but I still preferred my old supplier . After the rules changed I kinda just stopped messing about with raw tobacco .Didn't want to fall foul of a bunch of laws. 

    I would love to still have access to a bit of light flue cured . You can air cure easily out of the garden but flue curing etc is a real hassle for me  in our climate . I used to get this lemon virginia that was delightful :) 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    Got a 0.5 kg of raw EU-grown Orient Samsoun from this vendor last week for 20 EUR (with shipping). Just a small test order to check out customs and leaf quality. Arrived safely, no taxes, leaves are good (no mold, well cured), smell delicious. Made a small batch of snuff already, solid medium nicotine, very happy with it. Will definitely go for some Burley and Virginia next time.

    Delivered by DHL to door, tracked / signed for. Leaves came loose in large carton box:

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