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 We are launching a new website. Free shipping for first 500 orders!

Where do you buy your schmalzlers?

Anyone know of a decent international site? I threw a few bernards tapboxes in with my last order from snuff.me.uk and fell in love now I'm looking to buy something bigger.
It seems bernard don't do a bigger size so that seems to leave me with poschl, rosinski or sternecker if I can find some in stock.
snuff.me.uk only has the bernard tapboxes. snuffstore wont ship International? (i get stuck on select payment type), mr snuff the shipping works out too expensive for the size of order that I am comfortable with trying to get past customs. Found lots of German sites that wont ship international. Current best I have found is probably direct from rosinski but thats not fantastic either with the international bank fees on top of the shipping. Any ideas?


  • bobbob Member
    that sounds like the long and short of it.
  • Thera are no Bernard schmalzler bulk
    Poschl has 100g packets of schmalzler and rosinski too
    I always buy from snuffmeuk without problems
    The most of german online store will not send anyrhing out from Germany due to european laws
    Snuffstore send worldwide
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2019 PM
    @junior Try making your own. Simply add any refined edible oil or clarified butter / ghee (up to 18% by weight) to your favourite snuff and mix it really well.

    Try it with Toque Ambrosia (1 g of oil per 5 g of snuff will make it pretty much bernardish). I suppose Roderick could make greased Ambrosia as a bespoke schmalzler to you (if you happen to love the stuff). Even make the grind a tad coarser, if you wish.

    Or patiently wait for the Toque's new OTTO range with the announced "at least one schmalzer, made to a 19th century recipe" (http://snuffhouse.com/discussion/12019/toque-new-range-is-simpson-s-a-good-english-name/p4) and hope Roderick will make it available in economy bags as well :)
  • I do love ambrosia but I think it needs more than oil to make it anything like bernards. I am waiting semi patiently for the new range with high hopes
  • @junior, true, Bernard schmalzlers are elaborate ones (ingredient-wise). Sternecker's were just tobacco and oil, Poschl A and Perlesreuter as well. Still, a schmalzler can be made without Brazilian tobacco / mangotes.
    I'm sure, pretty much any tobacco could be used for that purpose.

    Folks grind fresh schmalzler on the spot during their annual Schmalzlerfest in Perlesreut:
    I mean, they take it easy there. I doubt they use Brazilian baccy or run lengthy barrel fermentation.

    And just checked - Rosinski schmalzlers are made "exclusively from German and Polish tobacco".

    P. S. Snuffstore.de does not ship internationaly. Snuffstore.co.uk does.

  • Just ordered a small assortment from Rosinski. I have a tin of toque blueberry that needs a little something to make it into rotation. Maybe I will try adding butter
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