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Snuff recommendations and tips for a big noob

Needless to say, I'm new to snuffing. I've tried out few snuffs and by far I've learned that the finest dust snuff is not for me.

I've snuffed 10g of Bernard Kownoer and some Redbull and I loved both of them. However, Silver Dollar and McChrystal's have given me bad time because they are so difficult to snuff because of their fine texture.

So the question is, how can I tell which snuff is going to be sand-like and which is going to have coarser texture? What are some of the best "coarse texture" snuffs that you would recommend?


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2019 PM
    @RedPanther, call a taxi! :)

    Taxi and NTSU are the most coarse (and moist, when fresh). Mind you, they are stronger and coarser than Kownoer.

    All Poschl snuffs are of the same grind. Poschl schmalzlers are a little bit coarser.

    If you enjoyed Kownoer, try Samuel Gawith (SG) Kendal Brown snuffs in 25 g tins. Better price and more nicotine there. Their grind is similar to Kownoer. SG Black Rappee is even coarser.

    Wilsons of Sharrow (WoS) Singleton's Super Cool, WoS Best Dark, WoS Fribourg and Treyer (F&T) Santo Domingo, F&T Princes, F&T Princes Special.

    Toque Ambrosia, Coltsfoot.

    Gawith Hoggarth SP.

    I'm sure Rosinski and Sir Walter Scott's fans could recommend you some decent coarse / medium coarse snuffs.

    You can get a good picture of grind watching video reviews on youtube, some guys do close-ups, check out Snuffanybody Mac Feegle, SnuffBegins and A Shmek Tabik channels there (to name but a few). Reading snuff descriptions and reviews at online stores also helps.
  • I always found fine snuffs to disagree with me as well, so mostly stick to german snuffs and moister snuffs.

    Solid suggestions above, i love toque ambrosia, really silky and easy for me to take.

    Or most poschls are easy but menthol is a very common theme with them.

    Best thing about snuff is its a relatively cheap habit/hobby, 10 grams lasts me over a week.

    So have fun experimenting you never know whats going to be your favourite
  • bobbob Member
    funny thing is for me it's the other way round. Coarse snuffs get me and make my nose act up.  Fine snuffs do just well with me. First rule it's about enjoyment. And usually most reviews or descriptions of a product will tell you have coarse it is. With fine snuffs I've found the best way to take them for me is get right up near the nostril and and inhale around as hard as you do when breathing but to do it for a second.  Not sure if that helps.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Cast your net wide. I have accumulated an astounding variety of snuffs. Every one of them is probably a favorite for someone, but most I will rarely or never touch again despite most of them being of good to excellent quality. That was the price of finding the snuffs I really love. It was worth it. No review or recommendation can point you to your favorite snuffs. You just have to take chances and be adventurous. Reorder the snuffs you love, but try to get at least one new snuff each time you order. You will probably be disappointed or underwhelmed at times, but the peak experience of discovering a new favorite makes the price seem cheap.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Seconding everyone else: Snuffs on the moister and coarser side is the best to begin with. My first few snuffs were all made by poschl, very easy to take. Samuel Gawith got a lot of easy to take snuffs too, as do snuffstore (yes, thats a brand), and I personally found Jaxons to be easy to take. Once you dont have any problems with them you can try snuffs like WoS, Toque and McC.

  • @SammyD13 I'm not afraid of getting disappointed by a bad snuff experience. As an ex-smoker I find that all the snuff are so dirty cheap that I honestly can't get disappointed if some tin is not all that good for me.

    The actual question I tried to ask is that how can I tell what kind of texture each snuff has before ordering? Does the type/shape of tin have anything to do with it? All the plastic tap boxes have had the coarse stuff by far.

    @Rogue Right on, I was planning Jaxon's on my next order list and the Redbull that I mentioned just happens to be Poschl. I'll just add some Samuel on my list, too. Thanks!
  • @volunge I appreciate all of your hints. Thanks!
  • RedPantherRedPanther Member
    edited April 2019 PM
    @Codyg140 I have no problem with menthol, the only problem I have is that the fine snuff is too easy to snuff which makes it difficult to snuff. A lightest inhale makes the snuff shoot right up into the back of throat. I've gotten a bit better at it but still I'd prefer some coarser snuff at this point.

    I find that I use pretty much the same amount of snuff as you do on regular basis. I think I snuff about 1g a day unless there is alcohol involved - then I will snuff a lot more.

    The fact that snuff is cheap and it's fun to experiment on makes it a nice little hobby for me which also keeps me away from the cigarettes.
  • Good list of coarser snuffs by volunge earlier. Toque Berwick Brown was missing though.

    Indirect hydration can make a difference too. Put a small tin or snuffbox load towards one end of a tupperware box, a damp paper towel towards the other end, pop on the lid, and wait 24-48 hours. It will still be a fine grind, but the particles will be heavier and will clump more. Do not be tempted to take a harder sniff to compensate.

    Avoid anything that says toast.

    Take a deep breath and hold it, before raising a pinch to the nose and sniffing. It helps.

    Increase your hydration levels. Your nose needs to be hydrated and have a full mucous coating to be able to catch. A coarser snuff can also prompt mucous production, be an obstacle, and create turbulence. If after hydration, a snuff is still giving you trouble, try taking a couple of pinches of coarser snuff first, and using the finer to follow up. If you blow your nose, go back to the course for the first pinch or two.

    Above all, do not measure your enjoyment by anyone elses. If something doesn't work for you, move onto something that does. Do not mourn not being able to enjoy something that other folks do. Your nose, your rules.
  • @50ft_trad Thanks for the tips! the part where you went about nose moisture is what I've been thinking about. I will probably get some spray for moisting up my nose. It is entirely possible that it would not work, though. I have pretty damn big nose so I may have to adopt your phrase "Your nose, your rules." Still, I'm not going down without trying.
  • KhefKhef Member
    I received my order of a Kuripe today. It's a bamboo V-shaped straw that you load snuff into and lightly blow your snuff into your nostril without inhaling. This helped with my inability to take fine powder snuffs like Cheeta and ToqueUSA W&H.
  • All has been said already tbh but what scents do you like: Samuel Gawith Firedance: blackberry and brandy is lovely. I would avoid all toasts and fine dry snuffs for the time being.
  • For a newbie snuffer I couldn't more highly recommend Rosinski Alter Fritz. It's tangerine with a hint of balsam and ever slightly mentholated. Balsam is almost like a light dried field grass. Some might say vanilla, but it isn't that at all. Another not so coarse grind is Havana Toast from Sir Walter Scott's. It's like snuffing a fine Cuban cigar. There is slightly more burn with this than Alter Fritz, but you can't beat the quality of the Havana.
  • eblipeblip Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    go on youtube and find some snuff reviewers...they show you the texture moisture smell ..you name it they break it down ..and hten order the ones you think you might like...therea re a couple of trusted guys ..one has a ginger beard..great guy from england...the other no bullshit is this ameriican guy in his basement...he is a bit wild but bloody hillarious...and knows his tobacco...if he is still alive that is...this guy i dont expect to be around much longer ..based on the sheer size of his pinches and then he does pipes and god only knows what else..
    Lets put it this way...I would not sell him life insurance.
    He has long hair and sings and likes pretty decent music....i recon he probably mates with the rolling stones or summet like that.
    go and buy a big batch of like 10 or 20 small 5g of different snuffs....trust me ..most of them you will never use again..so not worht buying 20g jars like i did. as its a waste of money.
    bear in mind some of the snuffs you will hate..but after a couple of day s you may actually switch to liking..
    for me i hated the hedges "the snuff"..but now i consider it in my top 2, if i want a blast.
  • RedPantherRedPanther Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    I've seen the ginger beard guy's videos and he is awesome. However I went back to Bernard Feinster Kownoer which is perfect snuff texture-wise for me. I will get back to youtube videos when I need more variety to my snuffing.


  • mecompcomecompco Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    Good advice above! I will say that your tastes will likely change over time. Also, practice makes perfect in this game. Like others have mentioned, I find course/moist snuffs easy to take however I don't partake of them often as they cause me front and back drip. 

    I'm not a fan of the "sand" grind either. As a noob, I would look at the "medium grind, medium moisture" snuffs. Toque, WOS, etc. are fairly easy to take. If you like medicated, Hedges L260 is just awesome and I find very easy to take.

    You'll find that technique is really important with the fine'/dry snuffs. Sometimes snuffing more, rather than less makes them easier to keep in the nose. I will admit that I still generally have one little cough after doing White Elephant (but absolutely love it).

    Don't overlook the Indian snuffs--I actually prefer them.

    Just my .02 for what it's worth.


    PS I agree that "Uncle Squinty" and "Snuff Begins" are excellent snuff reviewers on YT.
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  • 2nd @mocompco that I found very fine snuffs easier to take once I learned to grab healthy-sized pinches. It's counter-intuitive but works for me
  • bobbob Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    I will second what ar47 says. A bigger healthier pinch goes down (or up) easier.  And it also gives you a better scent. Remember you're sniffing a ground plant not a plant extract, which means that you probably need more then one might think. And also it is less likely to go in your sinuses or down your throat basically for the same reason you can throw a soft ball further then you can  throw a log.
  • @redpanther for the finer snuffs right now dip your finger tips into the snuff and then rub it on your septum, pinch your nose, and then breathe out through your nose. You get the flavor without stressing about the technique and in time you will be able to snuff the finer grinds.
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