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Changes to your nose?

Hi everyone,

I've been snuffing for a few months now and I got a comment I found rather odd, and have been thinking about it since. My wife told me that my nose looks longer now than before, as if it's dropped down some. Has anyone else ever noticed any type of change to their nose at all? Now whenever I feel my nose I guess I could say it does feel a bit flimsier than before and the tip may possibly have drooped down some.


  • bobbob Member
    never experienced anything like that. Though have sometimes experienced nose swelling similar to when I have a cold especially at the beginning of my snuffing adventures. The other thing that is possible you and your lovely wife (I'll assume she unless you say otherwise) maybe paying more attention to your nose then you ever have before. For one thing noses are flimsy. Or more likely both things are happening at the same time. You're paying more attention and your nose is still adjusting to snuff (it's been a few months) so it's irritated and tender just like it would be with a cold or severe allergies. Or in other words it's most likely nothing to worry about, or your nose is reacting to horribly to snuff because you've been sniffing anything you can get your hands on including battery acid ;).
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Cant say I have ever heard or noticed this myself, but my nose is already crooked and funny from when I was boxing.

  • dan11dan11 Member
    I doubt it's anything to do with snuff, if it were true then bald men would be rubbing snuff all over their heads. Hell, I'd even rub a bit onto the old chap if I thought it would make him longer.

    I suspect the real reason your nose has grown longer is because you've been telling more lies than usual. It's a real thing you know.
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