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Which stuff really lingers with bergamot after inhaling ?

Im looking for a snuff that lingers with either tobacco taste or bergamot or both after inhaling..
I find a lot of the snuffs i take the flavor disappears soon after snuffing. Making me want to snuff again immediatley after.
I am looking for something that truly lingers.
any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


  • Gawith Hoggarth SP. Moist and coarse, well scented with bergamot and rose.
    It's surprisingly different from traditional WoS or J&H W offerings.

    GH SP
  • Toque SP Extra
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Well, it REALLY depends on a lot of factors how long its gonna last. I find snuffs to last a LOT longer if I take them outside, in semi-moist air. Try takin some of the ones you habe outside.

  • WoS Grand Cairo.

  • Then there's WoS Jockey Club, "a sweetly scented snuff using the perfume of that name". Musk, sandalwood, citrus, geranium and bergamot are raving there.

    Or try Mullins & Westley Jock's Choice, which is even more refreshing. Go on the urban treck to Covent Garden and look for a Segar and Snuff Parlour. Mind you, house snuffs are pricey, but boy are they good! Their Particular is another unique, non-relabeled snuff, decent, almost plain SP, worth every penny. Mature Crumbled is relabeled WoS Gold Label, which is another great SP variety.

  • eblipeblip Member
    i was in that exact shop this weekend..I actuall cycled into covent garden to pick some stuff up..they were trying to charge me 6 pounds 50 for a tub of black rappee...which i had to decline as i had 2 tins on order....
  • I have bad luck with this shop. First time years ago stumbled upon it accidentally on a night stroll, it was closed. Last year visiting London I went there deliberately, but to no avail - their working hours were kind of odd back then, I was late (despite checking online beforehand). They do accept orders by phone, though.

    Worth asking for a tester-pinch of Jock's and Particular, if you happen to be in a vicinity again.
  • I'm pretty sure that you will love WoS Best Dark!
    It's like a rappee with bergamont!
  • eblipeblip Member
    I'll ask for a pinch volunge, ill be cycling up again in next week or two, I should have checked their own brand..its a tiny little box of a shop, got some nice cigars and one poor guy sat behind a counter a bit of a harry potter feel to it...but i wouldnt like to work there.
  • Indeed, WoS Best Dark is a rappee. I concur with @tobaccobob, you should give it a go. It's... exactly what you are looking for! And on a good offer at WoS online store right now.
  • eblipeblip Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    tobacobob volunge i got the WoS Best Dark... it is a great snuff, i actually really like it...i found the most lingering scent for me was by far T&f princes, and then bordeau, but i do prefer the Best Dark at the moment as the princes is potent but with the scent of a flower, which is not exactly to my taste (CURRENTLY) ...thanks 
  • Glad you like it! There's another one black, moist, finer than BD but more heavy on floral scent and a tad stronger - F&T Domingo. I haven't tried Princes, so can't compare them.

    The new WoS Africa apparently has the same tobacco base as BD - at least their descriptions are similar, both are "coarse, moist blend of burley and dark fired tobaccos", only Africa is chocolate scented, not SP flavoured. I would expect the same coarse grind, colour, moisture and potency.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    I agree with GH SP and Toque SP Extra. Above all I echo @Rogue - when I've been working from home all afternoon and then take the dog out - Whoa! Aroma city! Also maybe WoS SP500

    If you are looking for aroma staying power to the point it may become unwelcome, check out Jaxons
  • @eblip you could try and track down a new Italian bergamot tabacchiere. It's a snuffbox made from the dried intact peel of the bergamot orange. The peel is turned inside out and cured/dried, any snuff inside will be scented by the oils present in the bergamot peel. This post has a picture of one and a link to a company tgat works with bergamot.
  • WoS Tom Buck is my bergamot choice
  • @eblip here's a link to the bergamot snuffbox product page. They will ship overseas.
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