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Can anyone tell me which snuffs are Rustica ?

Hi, I am looking to try some rustica snuff, so far i have found Toque rustica, dholakia white tiger (i think is rustica) not sure if ntsu is rustica.
would like some more ideas on what is definitely a rustica snuff for my next order .


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 1 PM
    Pure rustica (well alkalized, certainly) - Neffa Ifrikia Or wait patiently until restocks and get fresh stuff then.

    But don't expect nothing out of this world. Just a good, stronger than medium plain snuff.

    Toque USA Whiskey & Honey and Ambrosia contain both N. tabacum and N. rustica. Same for SWS Lundy Foot and St. James Parish.

    6P Super Kailash is described as "a mixture of the very best sun cured Rustica tobacco along with a tasty blend of  aromatic Himalayan Herbs". I have to say I don't feel much nicotine there - if Super Kailash really contains N. rustica, it's probably some lower-nic variety.

    NTSU and Taxi do not contain rustica, just boosted pH which increases the deprotonated nicotine, hence more powerful kick.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Member
    Moro Moro and St. James Parish by Sir Walter Scott have rustica in their blends. You can also buy whole leaf rustica and make your own. I've done it many times and the results have been quite satisfactory.
  • EpitangoEpitango Member
    Toque sells bags of Rustica on their site.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 1 PM
    More SWS snuffs with rustica: Auld Alliance, Creme de Figue, Field of Junipers, Havana Toast.
  • I think all of the SWS snuffs contain more or less rustica.
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