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Favourite home blends

One month in to the lifestyle

Loving every minute of it



  • One month in to the lifestyle

    Loving every minute of it

    I have been mixing my least favourite types together with some ok results

    At the moment I
  • I have been mixing some of my stash of older stale snuffs with a new fresh tin of F&T Old Paris.
    F&T Seville or French Carotte seems to go well with it as do most SPs
  • F&T Bordeaux is my go to mixer
  • Also can someone shoot me towards where I might learn how to post in this forum

    Excuse the multi posting
  • @Dragoon44, just avoid typing apostrophe, currency symbols and other special characters.
  • Awesome. Thanks
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Bohica and royal george go hand in hand for some reason.

  • I don't mix my least favourites together, but occasionally mix them with the snuffs I love.

    Mixing snuffs is a common practice. There are some nice threads dedicated to this matter:

  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Remnants of Toque raspberry menthol, WoS Red Cool, Toque USA Wild Berry, and McChrystals raspberry whatever they call that now. Seemed like a low risk mixture, worked out pretty well.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Toque USA W and H Rustica, Toque UK W and H, and SG Irish D. All the flavors come through and it is a much easier snuff the straight Rustica W and H.
  • 40% Bernard F
    30% Dholakia White
    20% 6 Photo LA Natural
    10% Viking Thor's Hammer

    Eureka! I can finally enjoy the Bernard, but with a much higher nic content and lighter moisture. The flabor still comes all the way through. The Viking's earthy tones add to the forresty flavour of the Bernard F. I will be making this one again!

  • i call it red cheeta: a 50/50 mix of red bull and cheeta
  • The General's Sleevies: SG Elmo's Reserve with a generous helping of JNF White Horse and Toque Rustica. It's my only mix, and I only take a pinch or two when I want to remember what a nicotine rush is, lol. 
  • The Club Mix! 3:2:1 Poschl Packard's Club:Jaxon's Club Special:WoS Jockey Club

    That's the best blend I've created in 17 months of snuffing. It's better than all its base components. Something to try, I promise!
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