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G Smith and Sons

BillSykesBillSykes Member
edited August 2 in General
Does anyone know if there is a company producing any of the G Smith and Sons snuffs anymore?
In a similar way to the way Wilsons produce the F&T snuffs
I had the vague impression Segar and Snuff in Covent Garden did but Im not sure if I imagined that
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


  • I don't know if any company still produces them. G. Smith & Sons shop was closed down, so I would doubt that.

    Mullins & Westley Tobacconist sells contracted snuff, made by WoS, branded as Covent snuff. Two or three years ago the range shrinked to four snuffs. I have sampled two of them - Particular and Jock's Choice - and believe they are genuine (i. e. not just relabeled WoS snuffs) and worth trying.
  • chrischris Member
    edited August 3 PM
    After G.Smith closed down Segar and Snuff purchased the rights to their recipes but not the names. Those snuffs were then produced for them by Gawith Hoggarth and sold in upright tubs which have proved quite good for maintaining freshness.

    I did back then put up a list here showing the old G Smith names and their Snuff and Segar equivalents. I will have a look to see if I can find that but if you do a search for G Smith you might well find it.

    I haven't been to the shop for some years so I don't know what they are doing these days but certainly in 2016 they were still stocking those recipes according to their snuff menu. They don't appear to have updated that menu so you would need to contact the shop to find what they are producing these days.

    I hope that helps
  • Thanks @Chris thats really helpful :)
  • chrischris Member
    Okay @BillSykes my original comments are at:

    But - as I've said above - I don't know if they are still selling those. I will check out Segar and Snuff the next time that I am in the area but that may not be for a while.

  • I will get in touch like you said
    I think Ive seen their site before and its not like w conventional shop site and all mail order but if I can Ill be getting some of those snuffs!!! :)
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