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One sweaty purchase

It's hard buying just mineral oil. They lookin at me like what is he gonna grease up. I can tell the girls are looking at each other, like trying not to laugh. Then she's like inspecting my 10 dollar bill. Like yep it's real. standing there sweating buying mineral oil.


  • You should have added another random item or two just for giggles.

    Maybe a scented candle and a bottle of wine?    =))

  • Lol dude. Anyway, I greased up some of this toque original but I still can't take it. Maybe add more oil?
  • Greasy =))
  • I was friends with a tattoo artist and sometimes ran favors for his shop. Yeah I always enjoyed the look I got buying vaseline and latex gloves in bulk.
  • I am a home brewer and use Vaseline to seal kegs and a few other things. I was in my local discount store and they had big tubs of non branded stuff for a couple of quid. Grabbed two for good measure. No problem at the checkout (person serving could care less) but when I arrived home my wife was like WTF?
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    @GlasgowSnuff was your wife relieved that it was for kegs? :))

  • Lubing up the 'Ol Bungholes?  :)

  • Special characters sorry. It is very versatile lol
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