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It's official - Vaping Kills

I am so sorry to hear of all the deaths caused by vaping and yet strangely relieved we didn't get into it when we had the chance.  

One of my friends sons was one of the very first, if not the first, to bring vaping to the UK.  I felt it wouldn't be right, as he was only 16 and I might have been seen to take advantage, if the company took off.  He managed fine by himself and I need not have worried.

It has to be said we will now see a real boom in snuff sales and I would be lying if I didn't admit I am delighted at that prospect.


  • though looking into this it sounds like the deaths are being caused by vapes made for THC illegally (not sure if that means not in a state that lets people use cannabis or what)  that use oil bases that have no business being in the lungs. Or at least that's what I've read. I have to wonder how many people even vaped those. What conditions lead to the death and how many of people used it with out dying compared to with dying. I mean four or five deaths a year is on par with coffee yet everyone drinks that so.....  Though it's becoming pretty clear that vaping isn't the miracle it was presented as still probably safer then cancer sticks though.... But one of the biggest problems is what base is being used. That seems to be the biggest variable and a huge part of how much damage they do, and guess what there is zero standard in the industry. Or just as importantly any longer term data or examples of what happens to someone that's vaped their whole lives.
  • Yeah after some digging, it's thc vapers using dirty street oil. Really there was no nicotine and regulated related deaths.
  • Unsubstantiated clickbait title. Reads like internet propaganda. All the deaths? Official? And delighted. @Roderick someone steal your phone?

    @bob same page
  • Though the legit ones are apparently leading to some of the same respiratory issues as cigarettes though at a reduced rate. For example vapers also fuck up the cilia in their bronchial tube. Which is a significant issue.  
  • @ar47 first rule of ingesting news is to remember the person that writes the articles is almost never the person that writes the headlines! Headlines are useless. The body of an article well it's still a coin toss....
  • @bob yeah my current view on vaping hasn't changed since I first started. It's bad but not as bad as cigarettes. Just don't put dirty weed oil innit from the guy on the corner and you should be okay. Also watch out for corporate media. Usually people will speak real on reddit. I call it the front lines of the internet.
  • ah reddit the best and worst of the internet....:)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    Boom in snuff sales? Let's get real. Just not for that reason.

    None of my vaping acquaintances would ever consider switching to snuff. They are not even remotely interested in trying it, no matter how much safer snuff is. And these are folks from various age groups (20-70).

    By the way, vaping is getting outdated. The latest hype is HTP.
  • I admit to stealing the Heading, however I still stand by my worry that we will find vaping to be very dangerous.

    Volunge, I think you are correct in thinking this. Our vaping tobacco was a very slow starter and is still a slow moving product on our website, however it is slowly picking up. Maybe I'll make my fortune in a couple of years.
  • It has been reported that these illnesses and deaths may all be connected by vitamin E added to the cannabis vape mix.
  • @tinhuey it's being looked into as a culprit, but the jury is still out.

    And I will repeat incase no one seen it. The people who died, died from dirty thc oil, not nicotine juice. Vape pens just happened to be the medium in which they took it.
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