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How addicted are you?

I recently went to the UK and normally my car is full of snuff.  I recently had it valeted and forgot I emptied it of snuff.  At first I panicked, I had 2 tins in my pocket but they were both well down.  I made approximately 4 grams last me 6 days and I am surprised to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  

Have any of you guys been in this situation and how did you cope?


  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    I regularly have to go 4+ hours in meetings where I can't take part in snuff. I Very rarely think about it, but I do get tired (hard to tell if that's snuff or sleep).

    When I'm working from home on the other hand I alternate: 30 minutes of constant pinching and 30 minutes afterwards where I forget about it. Approximately, of course. Day to day I can vary from 1-3 grams of snuff, just based on what the body wants and how much I'm enjoying that particular snuff.

    I'll admit I found myself a few weeks ago out late drinking without snuff and had a cigarette. Cigs are gross though and I have zero concern about going back to them (it's been over 9 years since I bought a pack).

    For what it's worth, filling my nose with snuff helps me fall asleep. I'll usually load and blow it twice and the third time leave it in there. When I wake up in the morning I don't Think to grab the snuff, but I don't feel awake until I remember to include my tobacco. Those first morning pinches make me feel warm all over :)
  •   I'm so addicted sometimes i forget to take snuff until  the evening.
  • I used it to quit smoking so I was super addicted to it for a long time. Over the years though my usage has declined and I can go without it for a good few hours. But I wouldn't want to go somewhere and be without it either. 

    Plus I used to take massive pinches from the back of my hand. But the last year or so I've been pinching it and I much prefer that method.
  • Vmank1q,

    I can relate to that.  When I met my wife I was a 40 a day smoker (they were cheaper then) and she was a cancer research scientist.  Not the most likely date to work out.  

    It was her idea to try snuff to stop me smoking.  When I first started I could use half a tin (5g's) of Trantners a day.  It was embarrassing just how much I was using but it worked. Within a month I was down to 3g's a day and a year later it was 1-2g's a day.  

    Eventually, I stopped all together; well not quite, I took to cigars.  I smoked 1 a day for a couple of years (my wife didn't mind the smell of cigars) however, I was feeling the effects and went back to snuff in 2004. I cut my cigar intake down to one a month and now I can't remember the last time I had a cigar. 

    Today I just don't really feel addicted, yes, I know I panic a little if I find myself without a full tin in my pocket but I also know I could stop any time I wanted to. I won't only because I love it not because I'm addicted.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @Roderick to your last point there, people used to ask me when I was going to quit vaping and now with snuff for 17 months I get the same question about my pinching. The answer is I really have no intention of quitting. Frankly I quit cigs 9.5 years ago not because I wanted to, not until I went a while without and realized how much it hurt my sense of smell/taste. I quit because I was making ecigs that satisfied me more. And I quit ecigs within a month or two (apart from that short relapse @SammyD13 ;) of discovering my first tin of Silver Dollar while vacationing in Appalacia. I never set out to stop vaping, just found something I liked a lot better. And by the way, my sense of smell (unless I've been enjoying toasts) is much better with snuff vs. Ecigs.

    I do believe I can quit. If I can do this intermittent fasting diet I've been on then I can quit snuff :D Also the snuff is a great help with that
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    I'm hopelessly addicted to snuff. In fact, I'm looking to get some snus just to give my nose a break now and then. Snuffing isn't the problem- it's me. I go to extremes. That said, snuffing is childsplay compared to the days when I was a walking liquor store/pharmacy. Also quit smoking cigarettes 17 years ago and cigars a few months ago. You take the guilty pleasures you can get- and that won't kill you.
  • I would cut a mofo for some snuff.
  • Ive completely replaced my previous cigarette schedule with snuff. Which is funny, because I didnt go directly between them, there was a month on nicorette. But I was looking to get back to smoking unless something better could take its place. That being said, I dont (think) I use it as much or the way I used cigs, subconciously, one after the other, etc.

    And on the other hand, after trying gutka I would say there are far more things to worry about than a good hard snuff addiction
  • TobaccomanTobaccoman Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    every time i read this forum, it reinvigorates my joy and love for snuff, and i pinch again. that being said, sometimes i forget that im even into the snuff. but sometimes i also forget to drink water so....
  • Though I admit being a nicotine fiend, there's another issue which I find more troublesome by far - addiction to this forum. I really should spend less time here, but this habbit rolls on beyond my control. I can skip/postpone my first pinch, but I can't imagine my morning without Snuffhouse anymore.
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