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Snuff Saves Lives!

RoderickRoderick Member
edited September 2019 in General
I've just been posting on an other site and I thought this is all wrong.  Why aren't we shouting from the high tower that snuff not only saves smokers/vapers lives, but extends the lives of none tobacco users.  I hate the fact that I can't advertise this as all tobacco is lumped together and all tobacco is thought to be bad.  Interestingly, Tobacco is now being used to kill some cancers.  You won't see the tobacco lobby boasting about that!


  • This may be an indirect version of tobacco killing cancer, but still... My wife has breast cancer and one of her chemotherapy drugs is synthesized from the antibodies produced in an Australian variety of tobacco when it is introduced to tobacco mosaic virus.
  • Sorry to hear about your wife. I hope she gets better.
  • Thanks @roderick . She is doing well and it was caught early enough to be totally curable. Didn't mean to hijack the thread!

    To get back on topic, I understand the need for regulation on tobacco advertisements, obviously Camel shouldn't be able to take out ads during Saturday morning cartoons.  But the fact that you're not able to advertise to adults the obvious benefits of your product because it's made from the same base ingredient as cigarettes is like saying water is bad for you because its the primary ingredient of Coca Cola. 
  • @boiledonions best wishes for your wife sir. And agreed on the advertising. The recent move by NY against vaping - that it cant be flavored - is astounding to me. Their justification is that it's attractive to teens. That's an enforcement problem - ecigs are already regulated there by age. We dont take away all adults' cars or all alcohol just because teenagers might get their hands on it. And for the almost 8 years that I vaped (started 2010) I ALWAYS used fruit or candy flavors, and was never a minor in that time.
  • You also get into the murky territory of that fact that once you take flavored vapes off the legitimate market, you're opening up the opportunity for the black market.  Most of what I've heard from the health issues and especially deaths attributed to vaping is coming from black market THC vape liquids.  It seems to me, the best way to avoid that is to legalize marijuana across the country so that people can purchase safe and tested THC vape liquids and be assured that what they're using won't kill them immediately.

    But back on topic to the wonders of snuff.  It would be a tragedy if someone gets the idea that flavored snuff is be purposely marketed to children!  This could also affect the pipe tobacco world.  I wonder if these industries slide under the radar because they're much smaller than cigarette and vaping industries, or if lawmakers know that going after pipe tobacco, cigars, and snuff is maybe taking it a bit too far.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @boiledonions, no more flavoured RYOs in EU. The solution emerged right after the ban, tho. Say, manufacturer X used to make apple-flavoured baccy, packed in green pouch and boldly named "Apple". Now the very same m-f-er produces unflavoured baccy, packed in green pouch, named "A", and there's that tiny vial with 1.5 ml of instant tobacco flavouring in green carton next to it - "FlavourIT A". Simple as that.

    Surely, both items are sold separately, and - needless to say - tobacco didn't get any cheaper.

    Talking about snuff, someone in this part of the world has already got the idea you mentioned above (check out any thread on the current TPD and snuff names change). It's more than clear that the future of snuff is the plain one and scenting kits will be a common thing.
  • @boiledonions not only is any Blake based avatar awesome but.... ain't it funny how that means more people have died from the stuff being illegal then have from the little old plant itself. 
    @Roderick well it's kind of hard for people to trust what's said when companies lied on such a huge scale. 

  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    Volunge, I have some flavour sprays from a tobacco show in Germany 2013.  I thought back then it could work, but at what cost.

    Bob, I have to agree.  Just wish the science would get a move on.
  • boiledonionsboiledonions Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    @bob thanks, Im impressed you could make that out in such a tiny picture.

    It would be a shame if they start picking on snuff makers. It seems like this industry is made up of real craftsman and artisans that care much more about making a truly great product rather than maximizing profits.

    I could be wrong, @roderick are you posting on this forum from your private jet?
  • Boiledonions, does a biplane count.  That's about my level. LOL!
  • @boiledonions well it's such an iconic piece that I've appreciated so many times it kind of just jumped out at me. Oh and by the way Roderick isn't getting his private jet until he gets that custom order for several snuff swimming pools done (the client is an eccentric prince from a strange part of the world) unfortunately he still won't be able to afford the fuel so it just means his grandkids have a cool play house when they visit.....
     Though what keeps happening isn't snuff getting picked on, what keeps happening is snuff getting trampled under legislations that make complete and utter sense for cigarettes. Eventually that will stop happening as youngsters seem less and less into cigarettes and more and more into trying their hands at more connoisseurish things.
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