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 We are launching a new website. Free shipping for first 500 orders!

SnuffStore Customer Service - a mark of excellence!

YankeeSnuffYankeeSnuff Member
edited October 2019 in General
I can count on one hand the number of times a business has demonstrated such exquisite customer service that I felt obligated to bring attention to it. The most recent of these businesses was SnuffStore (UK). Long story short, I may unintentionally have one of the largest personal snuff collections in North America thanks to SnuffStores generosity. For the full story, see below.

Let me start by saying this is my first post. And although I have frequented this site as I was transitioning into the wonderful world of snuff, I am not very active online in general unless for a good cause. But a good cause was presented to me in the form of a business with phenomenal customer service - something very rare these days.

My first order with Snuff Store was shipped a day after I ordered it and arrived in Indiana, USA within 5 business days. Not too shabby! But they had not outdone themselves yet...

After a few sniffs from my first order (McChrystals O&G and SP) I promptly placed a second, much larger, order. This order shipped next-day as well although I oddly received two shipping confirmations several days apart. I thought this odd so I contacted SS Customer Service who said a glitch in their system delayed my order. Meh, no worries, I got my shipment quick enough. I was so happy as I Scrooge McDucked through my new, erotically aromatic, pile of 25 shiny tins (if you do not recognise that reference, view the intro for the 80s cartoon Duck Tales).

I had not even sampled my entire stash before I received another parcel from SnuffStore. As I had recently wrote to them requesting samples of other varieties I thought this was their generous response but when I opened the package I saw that this was my entire large order in duplicate. Oh my! Enter the moral dilemma.

I knew this had to be an error so I reached out to SS and told them what happened. Nikki from SSCustomerService promptly replied and said there must have been a glitch in their system as this does not happen. She said it was their mistake so keep this shipment complements of them. Feeling guilty, I wrote back offering to at least pay for the shipping (which was over 20 quid) but she insisted that it was not necessary as it was their mistake. How remarkable! Many exuberant thanks to SS. As my cup runeth over, I share my stash with many who are also discovering this little known gem of the human experience known as snuff!


  • First time post - It seems most of it was cut off. Is there a character limit?
  • @YankeeSnuff apostrophes and perhaps other special characters can cause a cut off when using ios.
  • Thanks! That seems to be the problem. I
  • GlasgowSnuffGlasgowSnuff Member
    edited October 2019 PM
    This happened to me too but with a company called T2 who sell tea.  It Is not as pleasurable to sniff.

  • Sounds like the way a company should be run, that's the kind of customer service that leads to word of mouth sales and customer loyalty retention.  Mr Snuff could really stand to improve in this department in my experience, very unpleasant to deal with in my experience, which is perhaps more a critique of one particular customer service rep than it is of the company as a whole.
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