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What is the oldest snuff that you use?

MattMatt Member
edited September 2008 in General
I've heard various talk of aging snuff and vintage snuffs. I'm thinking of buying a glass jar of levi garret from the 80's, mainly for the looks and cool factor,but whether it is snuffable (and enjoyable) will influence my decision.


  • Matt,

    As long as the jar is still closed with original seal it should be just fine. I have some vintage Levi thats a little over 50 years old. It does pick up some great character as it ages and is a very enjoyable snuff. I also know Roderick picked up a bottle of Levi from the 1930's & he said it was great.
  • Hi Matt,
    Trout is correct, I've bought rather a lot of 1936 Levi Garrett & sons and I am still buying if anyone knows of any. They are only worth buying if the cork is in first class condition and the wax cover is still intact. I also have some wonderful “Gold Label 1980” from Tranters. These vintage snuffs develop a unique rich aroma very similar to the elusive “Spanish jewel”, without the sweaty jock straps odour (those who have partaken know what I’m talking about), that can only be experienced rarely. If you can get your hands on some in first class condition grab them with both hands and don’t tell anyone you have them.
  • Thanks guys, at worst I would have gotten a glass jar with a good label to keep my current Levi but its nice to know i'll get some snuff too.
  • Speaking of old snuff, does anybody remember the website that is still selling the Wilsons Millennium snuff? I can't remember which store I saw it at and was trying to find it again.
  • I found some of that Millenium snuff in a shop in Helston, Cornwall, last month. I bought one tin of tangerine but sorry to say that the flavour had all but vanished. It is now being re-flavoured with some tangerine essential oil. Fingers crossed.
  • I have a jar of Smith & Sons Aniseed that is still very strong in flavour, almost as strong as Wilsons Aniseed Extra.
  • I bought three vintage snuffs off ebay and was pretty lucky. All are forty to fifty or so years old. Levi G, Maccoboy, and Society. All came in full sealed containers. I don't use them every day, but they add a dimension to my hoard.
  • Ehh, outbid :(
  • Well there are always a good amount of vintage snuff on Ebay. Either by searching for a specific brand/type like levi garrett, tube rose, maccoboy, honest etc. Just make sure to spell garrett with 2 r's & 2 t's. Or just search 'scotch snuff'.
  • Yeah and from the completed listings I've looked at it seems to go for much lower than this particular bottle has been bid up. I'll just be patient.
  • Ive got quite a bit of snuff from the 80's - to echo whateveryone else is saying - if the packaging is still good so the snuff will be. There is a massive difference between old snuff in an old tin and old snuff in unopened, or nearly unopened, packaging. If its been opened, or isn't airtight to begin with, you will have unretrievable dust past a certain point, whatever technique you use to rejuvenate.
  • Well, ebay beat me. I bid probably more than I should have but I won. $23 shipped for one of the sealed glass jars of Levi Garrett from the 1980's

    Anyone know what the dots on the bottom of the jar mean?
  • Beautiful
  • wow, thats cool!
  • merdock69,

    There has been a few of those come up on ebay that I was going to bid on but they all went for more than I was willing to go. Those are the old paper mache balls.


    I have read a few different reasons for the dots. One explanation is strength, one is that they are vent holes to release air from the mold & another is that the bottles were filled before the labels where added, the dots help identify what type of snuff needs to go in that bottle. But the real reason for the dots are instead glass maker marks intended to track quality control of bottles produced by different machines & before machines it was the makers mark of the individual glass blower who blew it into a mold. This last explanation is straight from Conwood.
  • thanks for the explanation trout. I actually ended up winning 2 old jrs of levi, hopeflly they will both be good.
  • yeah im thinking lifetime supply
  • That "papier-mache" ball is snuff packed in a hog's bladder.
  • MattMatt Member
    edited September 2008 PM
    Well I received one of the jars of levi today. The snuff smells like it has been sitting in a box in someones barn for the last20 years. Plus it had caked together fairly hard. I scraped down towards the bottom of the jar, and close to the bottom the less dense it was, not as caked together, but it still had the petting zoo hay smell.

    Maybe the next jar will be in better shape. Im pretty sure this one has absorbed some moisture, hence the caking and smell. Oh well I've got a cool jar to store my new levi In. I'll probably go buy a new cork though.
  • Did you try a pinch? If you don't like it you can always leave it open for a few weeks & try again.

    This passage is from a book that Chris@USA posted before.

    "Were you to find some of your grandfathers snuff tucked way somewhere... and happen to find it not to your liking take care not to throw it out.. instead... open the bottle and leave it to air for a month.. and see how smooth it is then."
  • Cool I'll try that
  • I have some vintage Navy, looks to be from the 70's, tastes musty, will air out and put in rust-free container.
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