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expersexpers Member
edited November 2019 in Types of Snuff
Recently realised that part of why I enjoy this Super Kailash so much is that the tobacco is sun-cured.  This has the effect of lowering the nicotine content while increasing the sugar content and supposedly resulting in lower carcinogens, while creating the characteristic golden colour.  I'm wondering if anyone could direct me towards other snuffs made with sun-cured tobacco.


  • 6P Mysore Sandalwood is made from the same beautiful tobacco base. I don't dig the flavor of Super Kailash, but I love Mysore.

    I think 6 Photo should release that base unscented as a plain snuff.
  • Oh thank you, sandalwood sounds great.  I'm pretty super the Super Kailash contains paraffin, as I've seen it mentioned in here before that 6Ps use paraffin and it would explain the texture, any idea if the Sandalwood does?   I agree, if I could get that base tobacco plain, non-oiled, I'd make it my daily.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    I can't tell if there's a paraffin oil in Sandalwood. The thing is, even small amount of essential oil itself adds to the texture greatly. My Super Kailash in 200 g tub was hard monolith lump (I suspect it wasn't at it's freshest), so I can't make a proper texture comparison. But Mysore came fresh, fluffy and velvety. I wonder if the texture of pure base (paraffin/mineral oil and e.o. free) has the same pleasant properties.
  • That's a good point on the essential oils, someone had compared to Super Kailash to an "Indian SP", as I haven't had the opportunity to try an SP yet I placed a small order, I've heard the heavy essential oils in it provide it with a similar texture.  I don't have any real scientific reason for it, but I don't feel very positive about putting paraffin oil in my nostrils.  I do imagine the base tobacco with no oiling in either form would result in a drier product, but I'd accept the tradeoff, the heavily scented are great but there are many times of the day I don't want that overwhelming lingering scent in my nostrils.  
  • @expers your last post is confusing to me. Are you saying that paraffin oil creates "overwhelming lingering scent"? Or do you mean to describe Super Kailash?
  • paraffin oil in snuff seems to cause the scent to be more pronounced and linger much longer, as six photo snuffs like super kailash use paraffin oil it applies to that as well yes. 
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