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Which snuff clears your head with greatest effect?

The only thing I have mentholated at the moment is Red Bull and it seems to stuff me up more after a very short period of clear breathing. I realize most of us respond differently to varying snuffs but wanted to see what works the best for other members. I can imagine that those higher in camphor or eucalyptus might be more effective to some than those which are more like true menthols.


  • Most any Schmalzer will give me a front, and back drip.  I just wait a few minutes and blow my nose and I'm WIDE open.

  • These work well for me:

    Hedges L260
    6 Photo Medicated #66
    Polar Prise
    Gletscher Prise

  • Menthols open me up momentarily, but then rebound and clog me up worse than I started out.  Hedges L260 rebounds the least for me, so it's the only menthol I use.

    I find a good oily schmalzer (natural, with no added menthol or scent) opens me up fast, and leaves my head open.  The excellent chocolate and raisin smell/taste is a great bonus!
  • Maybe I need to revisit schmalzers, I stopped because when out for an extend period drinking (getting drunk), they can make my head spin.
  • Zebra2374Zebra2374 Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    Personally, nothing clears me and keeps me clear like Gekachelter Virginie.

    Edit: Except maybe SWS Havana Toast.
  • Another +1 for Gletscher Prise. And Red Bull Strong.

  • edited December 2019 PM
    Red Bull Strong is what actually made me ask this as I got very stuffed up from it after the initial flow it created.
  • Southwest Rootbeer #2! I love the tobacco and the aroma, but WoW! Every time I pinch it a few minutes later I get a ~10 sneeze sneezing fit
  • I guess everyone reacts differently, it acts like Afrin for me.

  • PennanngalanPennanngalan Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    When I am suffering from congestion/menthol-lock, I reach for an American Scotch (Superior is my personal choice).  I find that a fine and dry snuff opens me up in a way that medicine wishes it could claim to do!  i am  not the only member to think This, try iy you may be pleased with the result ts

  • Sturco/JIP as far as menthols go. But Toque USA W&H probably clears me out even more. Ambrosia gets my nose running too... wonder if it's a rustica thing. 
  • Super M and SM Gold are my 2 power house menthols I use now and again. Both have good camphor which seems to hit the mark.
    My normal menthol is O&G but if I need something stronger I reach for the ones above.
  • Hands down USA W&H. As far as menthols then Dholakia Medicated No. 10.
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