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Rudest customer - Have I gone too far?

RoderickRoderick Member
edited December 2019 in General
 They wrote "Hello, my order was dispatched exactly an entire month ago and still nothing. I contacted you about this a couple weeks ago looking for a tracking number and you said you dont do that. So where in the **** is my package?" Expletive removed.

You know I am all about customer service but we have never, in all the years we have been in business, ever had an email like that.

I wrote "I'm sorry, had you written politely and asked we would have told you that in 99% of the time Canadian customers receive their orders in 10-12 days.  However, Canada, for all its sophistication, holds the record for the worlds slowest delivery time.  Currently 86 days.   The good news is Canada Poste never loses a parcel.   Just so you know we normally send a replacement at 50 days even though we know the original will also finally arrive.  
We don't charge for the second even though the customer ends up with two shipments.  However, in your case for swearing at my staff we will not be sending a second shipment.  Unfortunately, I know your original order will finally arrive.  I hope it doesnt."


  • I can't wait for him to join (if he isn't already a member) SH and start a nasty thread. I'll delete his thread and entire account within seconds.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    It's amazing how some people in their little comfort zones can't understand what happens when products or people enter someone else's country (more specifically, people outside the EU). It also amazes me how unrealistic some people are about the performance of government agencies. Canada Post is not Amazon. They are not FedEx. You are not a customer. You take what they give you. Blaming the vendor isn't just unrealistic- it's insane. Customer or not, you don't abuse vendors for things they have no control over.
  • People are so impatient and entitled these days. Unfortunately this person obviously does not see the connection snuff has to a time when people behaved with more civility.
  • Thanks Guys,  As a foot note, we exchanged a couple more emails and have both apologised.  He had the good grace to see I was offended and I (well my wife told me to) also saw his point of view. 
  • The way I look at it. If you reward people for being assholes you are giving them the go ahead to keep being a blanknoozle. And your staff is your best asset and anyone who attacks them unfairly doesn't deserve the time of day. Now if they apologize that's great, we've all been jerks at some point in our lives when things aren't going our way. Plus it makes a clear example of how honey works better then vinager 
  • Well that wasn't very Canadian of him. If I see him drinking a Molson down at the arena I'll be sure to give him a firm finger wave
  • You have not gone too far. Completely appropriate response to a rude customer.
  • What I find really funny is we have now become best mates. We've exchanged a couple more emails and we have both agreed to be nice. LOL!
  • So does that mean you sent him two extra orders?!
  • Do I get free snuff if I swear at you, too?
    LOL, glad you were able to come to mutual satisfaction.
  • Hey Roderick.

    As a Canadian, I should let you know: Canadians swear a LOT, and most of the time, there is no anger, illwill, or rudeness intended. I teach at the University level and find myself swearing in lectures a lot. The international students always seem terrified but the Canadian students don't bat an eye.

    The F-bomb your customer dropped was the equivalent of adding an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence.

    As an aside, all of my orders with you have taken less than 14 days, and I live in British Columbia, which I assume to be the farthest point in Canada from the UK.  Strange. I am currently awaiting two orders from you and my anxiety is mounting despite it only being day 12.

  • ChapmanChapman Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    I myself like to sprinkle the F bomb like it is sugar on my shredded wheat, but I still know when to keep it clean and professional. When you are talking face to face- it can be easy to accidentally let one loose on occasion, but when you are writing an email, you have plenty of time to choose your wording with no worries. The guy wrote Roderick-and was talking to him like he was a chump, and he got himself straightened out.
  • We Canadians are far more aggressive behind a keyboard than in person, it balances out
  • I have had a booth at a flea market in a NYC for many years...Canadians are generally the most polite tourists actually. Millennials, which are a large segment of my customer base at this point, are either often very rude or just socially inept. Thankfully because it is my business I can both reprimand and ridicule them when they step out of line.
  • @Roderick. You are a class act my friend. Thank you for being there.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    The F word is my salt and pepper. The MF my sugar. I am a nice guy and read a lot. Never use that language as a customer, though. Never shoot the messenger or even rough him up is the best policy.
  •    When I had my business, I got worried that I told a rude person to leave and never come back. My father then quietly said " He is an "a-hole, and most likely so are all the people he knows...and you don't want them for customers either" 
    Your professionalism and customer service has been impeccable sir. In the years I have done business with you, I have never had an issue. I do wish that US customs would not open my packages, but, I don't think they take too much. Lol, the last was Whiskey and Honey (400g)....if they only knew how good it was, it probably would not have made it to the house!  

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