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Why do certain types of snuffs make my head wobbly but others do not?

edited December 2019 in Types of Snuff
Is it only nicotine content? I can snuff most toasts, and drier snuffs all day long (up to something like Spanish Gem which is my general preference moisture wise) without problem but have found that many schmalzers and something like Viking Dark puts my head in an unpleasant place, many of the photo6s also. It seems to me snuffs of a certain darkness are what I can find a link between? Can their nicotine be more quickly absorbed for some reason?


  • Viking Dark is a stronger snuff than most, I used it to stop smoking. I've tried Bernard's schmalzers but I don't remember them being that strong. The strongest snuff I've tried is white elephant, that stuff is powerful.
  • I am not surely if it was because I was drunk but a Bernard really pushed me over the edge once. I have never smoked and likely have a low nicotine tolerance and plan to keep it that way and am curious if other factors other than just the nicotine content would contribute to over absorption. I can put back a bit of alcohol, nothing to be proud of, but when I do get to the point of spins that certainly is no pleasure?at least with snuff I can rise my nose and i am back to normal in a few minutes but I rather avoid it all togeather.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    Posch Schmalzlers are non-alkalized and are really low on bioavailable nicotine. Safe to go, I would say, if you prefer low-nic snuff.

    Most Bernard's are stronger.
  • edited December 2019 PM
    I have only had Alpine and Red Bull by Poschl and were fine with both of those.
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