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Slow or failed loading of this site

I've been having trouble accessing this site for about a week now.
Slow to load or failed loading of pages, etc.
Anyone else experiencing this?


  • Yup. Makes my nose feel more clogged.
  • Same here

  • Kind of glad it's not just me!  :)

  • At most attempts this forum either didn't load at all or was unbearably slow for me since Christmas Eve.
    Now it seems finally back to normal.
  • Yeah same here, I thought it was done
  • Posted by MrSnuff on an FB Group-

    Hello all! Snuffhouse is unfortunately currently down at the moment due to difficulties with server. We are currently in the process of switching providers. We should be back up within 24hrs.

    Thank you for your patience.
  • Welcome back, and this is running *soooo* much faster than it ever has for me, good move.

  • Thanks for the feedback and Happy New Year!  :)

    Glad things have returned to "normal" here.  LOL

  • edited January 3 PM
    I missed being able to access this site during work on my breaks. I was in the habit of hiding in the housekeepers hallway, taking pinches, and reading about my favorite hobby during lunch hour. Glad it's all back to normal.

  • It still seems a bit slow to me but at least we can access it now.

  • @captainblackboogers are you a butler?! I am thoughtfully intrigued...
  •  @snuffandsympathy i wish i could say yes, but in reality i work washing dishes in a large kitchen at a huge resort in the's like a little city.  I hide in the hallways or random store rooms to snuff anytime i get a chance but there are always another employee nearby.  Tired of explaining why i'm snorting shit in quiet corners and just want to enjoy my snuff undisturbed.
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