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Has anyone tried this Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown snuff?

volungevolunge Member
edited January 3 in General
It was available at ca 2012/'13 - 2015/'16, listed next to Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Original, Kendal Brown Plain, Kendal Brown Scented and Kendal Brown Special. I got a fresh tin of this snuff in 2013 or '14, it was very moist, even difficult to pinch due to high moisture content, moister than fresh Bernard Kownoer, think the same moisture and texture as freshy-fresh F&T Santo Domingo; ammonia bomb with citrussy note, high in nicotine, very sharp burn. Leathery-tarmacky-earthy-smoky side was hidden beneath that thick layer of ammonia and citrus and became more pronounced later on (when I was left with the half of the tin). I was slow with it, the tin lasted me for a year and a half.

Hoping top get the same, I ordered a tin of Samuel Gawith KB Original in the end of 2019, it's very different from the snuff pictured above. Came properly vac-sealed, but ammonia and citrus-free, dryish. Medium-moisture only. Burn and nic still there, tho, but there's a familiar foul smell of old, spoiled snuff. Not nearly as intense as the foul smell in some tins of Auld Sannick, Spearmint Gold and Blue Crest I got. Same smell was in both large and small cans of Taxi Dead (once-Red) I got last summer (ammonia-free, dryish, low in nicotine). It's hard to describe it, but my nose keeps telling me I should steer clear of it.

Anyways, I'm interested to know if there's an analogue of that SG Kendal Brown snuff in the current range of SG KBs.


  • Not much help but I've tried a couple of Kendal KB's, they are not to my taste. Keswick is the only snuff I've found to be so horrible as to be unsnuffable. Special would probably be just about OK if I'm planning on creosoting a fence.
  • Yes I almost got several of these through the years. I like it very much. Still have several around. Being vacuum sealed the content stays fresh for a very long long time. I never got a foulish smell out of any of these. Very pleasant. The only KB by SG that is available here in Germany is this one.

    The cans that are sold now are quiete different from the one shown above.

    Generally spoken, I always realised that SG seems to differe in taste from tin to tin. From a little to a complete different product it seems.
  • @Betty_BW, I've used some stale snuff as ant repellent. By the way, what colour is Keswick? Is it dark, like KBs?

    @Humppa, PM sent.

  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited January 4 PM
    @volunge that sounds like a bad tin. Try again maybe with a scented or special? I think what you're looking for is still out there
  • @ar47, thanks for the heads up, I'll order both from another store next time!
  • @volunge The Keswick is red/brown in colour, much paler than KB Special.
  • I think I cracked that weird tart undertone in KB Original. It's lemon juice. Once I realized it, it suddenly stopped annoying me. I tasted some, it is acidic. SG Kendal Brown I tried few years ago was more about lemon zest. While I enjoy the flavour of zest, I'm not too fond of the fruit and juice itself (both smell and taste). Paired with KB signature tarmacky odour, it makes this snuff smell off-putting to my nose. I think ammonia would be of help here.. So I'll try to rehydrate some grams with a small amount of aqueous salmiak solution to see if it makes any difference. Reacting with carbonate (most likely it's potash) which is present in this snuff, salmiak should release the genie.
  • Still not convinced @volunge, contemplating trying mine as a slug repellent when spring comes. 
  • RansRans Member
    I really like Kendal Brown Original. It is actually pretty strong in the nic department.
  • @Betty_BW, I'm sure it would do the job. That is, till the very first rain.

    @Rans, I second that, KB doesn't lack of nic.
  • Update. After side-by-side comparison of Kendal Brown Original and Kendal Brown, kindly sent to me by @Humppa and available at, I arrived at a conclusion that it's the same snuff.
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