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Snuff suddenly accompanied by a "spit" smell.

I recently suffered from a significant head cold, where my nose was so blocked up I couldn't snuff at all. Short of jamming it up there with a finger, which I attempted a few times, it just wasn't going in there. I fell back to snus for the duration, and now about a week after my head has fully cleared out, all my snuff seems to have a weird "old spit" smell riding shotgun. I have tried a few Poschl menthols, J&H SP #1, Viking Blonde.. all of them seem to have it which makes me think that it's something in my nose. Anyone else experience this weirdness?


  • Betty_BWBetty_BW Member
    edited January 10 PM
    Not sure what "old spit" smells like to be honest??

  • Ha! I suppose having 3 kids, and having them do weird things has introduced me to a whole world of smells that probably have not been experienced by others... I am not sure how exactly to describe it, aside from like a dried spit smell. It's not a great scent, if I am being honest.
    I've tried rinsing out the ol' nasal passages too, but it persists, and is really starting to get old.
  • I was getting a very odd smell in my sinuses after getting stuffed up and still using a mix of coltsfoot with a Rosinski...went away when I ran out of that. The sinuses are perplexing...
  • Just thought I'd update that I am almost certain the weird smell I am attributing to "spit" is something coming from a tapbox of Poschl Gawith Original I just opened. I asked my wife who has a superhuman sense of smell, and she said she can smell it too. I think something must be off with it, as I've stuffed tons of this stuff up my nose without ever detecting this weirdness.  I guess it sort of "ghosts" my nostrils and made me think it was everything I was snuffing.  Glad that I am not going crazy, and I don't have some weird superfungus growing in my nose.. yet. 

    That and the J&H SP No1 I just ordered both seem to have been less than fresh.. I suppose that's what I get for deviating from my usual Mr. Snuff for ordering. 
  • You ordered a tap of of the JH n1?
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