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Best VS Worst snuff you ever had?

What's the best snuff and what's the worst one you've ever got, and why?

My best snuff is Toque Whiskey & Honey USA, because of it's fine grind and level of moisture and this beautiful aroma and nicotine level ! Though if Toque Cheese & Bacon had the same characteristics as W&H usa (fine grind, high nicotine, rustica based, stronger aroma) it would be my very best!

My worst ever snuff is those with low nicotine and minty or herbal floral aromas. I haven't bought one of those but i had a pinch from friends now and then. (Don't get me wrong i like menthol snuff but only once in a while and those with a good nic level ).


  • Sugandh Sagar Rose has got to be the best for me. If I had only one snuff this would be it. The worst so far was 6P's Begum Green. I understand my tastes have changed over the past one year but this is one snuff I will not be revisiting. 
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