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Viking 500g Container Question

Hi there Snuffhouse, 

I was wondering if any of you here in the U.S. had any experience purchasing Viking snuff in bulk. When placing orders from Mr. Snuff, I try to only purchase products that I know come in vacuum sealed cans, as I find these snuffs both arrive fresh and can be stored for long periods of time if unopened. Viking Dark has become my all day go to snuff. I go through one 25g can a week,  so i'm considering purchasing it in 500G bulk. However it appears to not be shipped in the vacuum sealed cans that the 25g lots are sent in, but rather a clear plastic cylinder. My question is, if I place a bulk order, can I count on the same fresh fluffy snuff when I open the 500g cylinder after shipment that I enjoy when I pop open a new can? Once I open it I intend to transfer a small amount to a mason jar, and vacuum seal the rest with my home vacuum sealer. Any tips or info would  be greatly appreciated!

Happy snuffing!



  • Well everyone, now I feel silly. It looks like I posted this same question years ago. 

  • I haven't ordered a 500 g drum, but I suppose the snuff in bulk container should be fresher than in 25 g tin.

    My half-full 100 g plastic tub of MdK St. Omer No.1 is still pretty much as fresh as on the day of purchase in the end of 2016. I store it in an unheated room (below 10 C during the cold season and up to 18 C in summer) and open the tub only 3-6 times a year. It's been a while since I last time indulged in Omer, but I'm sure I'll find it in the same shape when I visit the place next time.
  • I have ordered Viking in the 500 gram tub. It's two years old and I keep it in the fridge. It's pretty much as good in terms of freshness as when I bought it. I don't think you have anything to worry about at all. Of course when you receive it, it's at it freshest, but at least for the V Brown, as long as the lid is screwed on tight, it'll be good. You can always add some moisture if you need to.
  • tboyertboyer Member
    I've never tried Viking bulk, but the other bulk snuffs I've tried seem fresher in bulk, and that includes SG which is packed in vacume sealed tins 
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