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Carnation advice

BillSykesBillSykes Member
edited March 11 in General
Evening all, I am planning on getting a bespoke from Toque, carnation scented.
I have never had a carnation snuff before though I love the smell, what Id like is some input from more experienced noseologists, would you recommend I go for straight carnation? Or would it be wise to add a little rose or geranium or something?
I know it will ultimately come down to personal preference but, sometimes aromas need a little something to bring out the best in them
Many thanks in advance :)


  • Carnation snuff sounds amazing! Have only tried a few Rose scented ones and Vintage Velvet (Violet) which has a soapy quality one would expect from Violet.

    Rose Geranium sounds like it would be awesome as well! There do not seem to be as many options for Floral scents compaired to other scent categories.
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