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Your favorite Otto Snuff?

Which is your favorite and why?  compared to the other Otto snuffs


  • Schmalzler - delicious
  • I love chancellor. It's so good it temporarily put USA W&H as my 2nd favorite. I'm using more of the schmalzler tho, ran out my first ten gram tin but I got 7 to go. Thank god they in economy bags now.
  •  Well...since i don't like fruity snuffs or menthols, i have only tried the schmalzler, but boy is it delicious, especially when i'm walking out in the country air.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    @Captainblackboogers Isnt Otto Schmalzler fruity? i thought it is plummy..
    also thought that all schmalzlers are made with fruits in the process. Correct me if im wrong, never had a schmalzler
  • ALLexALLex Member
    @Captainblackboogers honestly from what i ve read from you i was expecting your favorite Otto to be something like Otto schmalzler with a dush of your beloved Rustica!  B-)
  • @ALLex  I don't know how to describe the difference...maybe i only like fruity when it's complex mix of fruity and not just one fruit. Apricot doesn't appeal to me, neither does raspberry..but together with maybe some plum and raisin...i'd try it.  I may even like it, though i doubt that because raspberry and apricot sucks as snuff flavorings in my book. Plum and raisin are a deeper kind of sweetness, one which appeals to me far over the
     light tart and overly sweet flavor of most berries. I don't know if i'm making any sense. I need more coffee.

        Schmalzler with rustica?  I may have to try that!

  • ALLexALLex Member
    @Captainblackboogers Straight fruit flavors arent for me too.  But also i dont even like rustica that much. I have rustica in bulk only to have the legendary "strongest" tobacco snuff in my storage just in case. But these days i dont use it, the aroma is kinda odd and i cant honestly say it is that strong in nicotine. Defenitly a good snuff though.
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