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How dry is too dry ?

WeiserWeiser Member
I have some snuffs that have been sitting around (kept in a box in the back of my closet) for a few years now and noticed that some have gone quite dry.

Specifically the De Kralingse (bon bon) snuff and the Poschl Apricot, Bernard Zweifacher and Magic Moments.

Would you try and rehydrate them ? Or would you not care and continue to snuff them ? (I left them in my cigar humidor overnight but it didn't do anything)

Also, I remember when I received the De Kralingse snuff it was on the dry side already , is that normal ?


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 4 PM
    I wouldn't bother re-hydrating Poschl and Bernard. However, if they are bone-dry, original moisture content can be restored by direct addition of water, 9.9095% for Apricot, 5.586% for Zwiefacher and 8.474% for Magic Moments by total weight of each.

    For Bon-Bon, add 14.5%.

    For most satisfying results, mix thoroughly, let rest for some hours, mix again, leave overnight, mix again next morning and enjoy.
  • Indeed.
  • WeiserWeiser Member
    Hello, thank you for such a detailed reply.

    I'm sorry but I do not quite understand what you mean by the percentages you gave. How would I go about measuring this when I'm adding the water directly?

    Furthermore, direct addition of water to snuff makes me hesitant as I fear this would cause mold, no?
  • volungevolunge Member
    Mold? Why? 14.5% is safe to go. Use pre-boiled water and rehydrate small quantities, like 5-10 g at time (a week's worth amount).

    Another piece of good news - Zwiefacher and Magic Moments contain preservative ethylparaben, so it's very unlikely these snuffs could rot.

    Percentages. Say, we have a full tap box of bone dry Apricot. Net weight of fresh snuff would be 10 g, but now it's completely dry (those plastic tap boxes do not prevent from moisture loss during long term storage). The original moisture content was a tad over 99 mg (99.095 mg) per 1000 mg of snuff, let's round it to 100 mg. That is 10% of water in fresh product. That means there was 1 g of water in that 10 g tap box years ago. Now the water is gone and this dried-out snuff weighs 9 g. All you need to do is to add 1 g (1 ml) of water. That is 0.5 g (0.5 ml) per 4.5 g of dry snuff. Basic calculation.

    I advise using scales, but you can surely "go by eye". You can easily open those tap boxes and evaluate the amount of remaining snuff. There are 20 drops in 1 ml of water.
  • I would just snuff them dry ;)
  • No scientific calculations here. I just pop an open snuffbox in a tub with some damp tissue, pop the lid on and leave in a warm room. I've just done exactly that with my suffbox, and it's nearly 2PM. By late evening it will be much improved, and if it's not quite how I want it, I'll leave it overnight. Coarser snuffs take longer.


    If the snuff box is quite full (like this one is), it pays to close the lid and give it a good shake before the test pinch, so you haven't got fluffy stuff on top and dry sand below.
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