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Suggest a Snuff Replacement

I need something to replace Prins Regent by Molens. I'm down to my last half inch in a 100g tub, so it shan't last long.

It was perfect for me and as close to an all day, every day snuff as one could find.

Anything reminiscent?


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 15 PM
    If you don't mind high shipping rates: (scroll down for Regent).

    Not sure how fresh their stock is and how similar their snuffs are to those made by Jaap in Kralingse mills. The seller is legit, tho. Quite a few Snuffhouse members have procured snuff boxes from that store.
  • HugoDraxHugoDrax Member
    edited April 15 PM
    Interesting, thanks!

    They're a people that sold fake baby food to their own mothers, though. It's difficult to trust the safety of a Chinese product going up one's nasal passages.

    Anyone try it and live? Develop interesting diseases?
  • I was looking for a replacement snuff as my beloved SG KBO is no longer. I was told Viking Brown was as close as I would come...Thoughts?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 23 PM
    Haven't tried Vikings yet, but I was sure Viking Brown is plain, probably the same as SG KB Plain.

    Bernard Kownoer is most close to KBO, but there's a sharp difference in price. The citrus note is barely there, rather a hint of it. When fresh, it's dark and moist, a tad finer than KBO. Nose burn and nicotine content is similar.

    I still have a hope we'll see KBO in stock soon!
  • JohanoJohano Member
    @Ben_MacM as volunge said, KB Plain could be similar as its the same manufacturer with different labes Viking/Sam G.
    Not really a replacement for KB Original tho, because Viking Brown lacks that flower/citrus note, but the grind is almost identical.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 23 PM
    I would try flavouring VB with a tiny amount of lemon essential oil (one drop per 10 g of snuff) and maybe a splash of lemon juice (1 ml per 10 g of snuff). Or scenting with freshly scratched lemon zest in the tin overnight. I'm sure either of mentioned above would result in pretty much similar flavour.
  • Just a note:
    I also asked the when they're gonna restock on their site the Irish 22 by WoS and they told me it's discontinued too....
    Now,if these answers are true(about KBO and Irish 22) then we are facing a big decline in the snuff world!
    Hope it's just a misunderstanding by the customer service....
  • Have you tried Toque's Berwick Brown, Hugo?
    Viking Brown is Kendal Brown that they didn't add scent to.
  • HugoDraxHugoDrax Member
    edited April 24 PM
    No, I haven't. I've yet to try any Toque snuffs.
  • No! Not the irish 22!!
  • image
    Thank the lord I have a couple mason jars of Irish 22 stashed away. This is enough to last quite some time for me.
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