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Trying to find a snuff similar to M&W Particular.

   This snuff has found a special place in my heart. I don't know what they do in the rest of the 300 year recipe, but Mr Snuff says it is made with a mix of 
 Malawi and South American tobaccos. So i'm looking for  another plain snuff made with the same kinds of tobaccos, since these types seem to agree with my tastes better than any other strain. 

   Any suggestions?


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 19 PM
    WoS SP 100 maybe? Not sure about tobaccos there, but I recall it was on the plainer side. I had a large tin in 2006, back then I didn't know a thing about "SP" and enjoyed it as "a no-nonsense snuff" (didn't contemplate on flavours at all in those times). Need to revisit it.
  • Hmm, may be similar but i'm looking for a plain snuff and not an S.P. Thanks for your imput though.
  • CobbGootsCobbGoots Member
    edited April 20 PM
    I have that snuff! Just took a pinch.
    If there's any scent here, the nose is just a smooth, almost creamy tobacco with nothing else going on. Good stuff! Very unique.
    Almost reminds me of Toque's Peanut Butter, but without that huskish taint that TPB has going on (this isn't a bad thing, it's just not that easy to describe smell through writing).
    Maybe Toque's plain will be close? The grind is a little finer than Toque, but I'm sure that Roderick can whip something up that'll get you near Particular. I don't know that Toque snuffs bite quite as hard as Particular, but it can't hurt to try.
    There are also toasted notes in here; maybe one of the coarser toasts could be something to explore? Don't know - but again, it can't hurt.
  • A few more lines in regards to SP/non-SP, or plain/scented thing. When I tried M&W Particular first time (I was treated with a 5 g sample in 2018?), I found it plain - best plain SP-type snuff I ever tried. I was very excited about it and immediately enrolled it among my all time favourites. However, eventually I realized that it actually was very, very subtly scented. It was a headache to describe the aroma bouquet, but I suspected at least 4 components: tonka, cocoa, musk and citrus (probably bergamot). Minuscule amounts of each, close to undetectable.

    I revisited Particular only this past winter. I had a short break from snuff back then (a few days on khaini and shammah). The tin greeted my refreshed nose with a surprisingly strong, "scented SP-signature" citrus scent. Not "a subtle, barely detectable tin note", but in your face citrus flavour (surely, lightyears-far from Grove or Grand Cairo, but clear and unmistakable citrus this time, in comparison to '18). And not a hint of tonka, cocoa and musk. Even tobacco base seemed different (lighter). Still, it was a very nice snuff and I enjoyed it, but it was way different. I'm referring to the batch which was available at Covent Garden tobacconist in the very end of 2019. I haven't tried the current batch which is in stock at

    And yes, there are plain SP's. Literally, absolutely plain ones. Jaxons SP Premium (available at and Toque Natural. Worth trying WoS Plain (aka Natural), too - it's pretty much plain SP, with just a hint of tonka (but you need to be familiar with the bean to tell it's presence there).

  •  @CobbGoots Toque plain, though pretty good, doesn't match the rich smooth and creamy tobacco of Particular..  I still think it has something to do with the Malawi and south american tobaccos they use for it...i think that may be the key.

    @volunge  interesting, though i know some S.Ps are plain  i wonder how we could have gotten such different batches of Particular....perhaps yours had been stored next to some Mature crumbled?  Mine was just plain, rich tobacco though if they had citris or tonka it was very subdued (not a fan of tonka ever since i tried Elmos reserve..ew). 

      Plain Tobacco is what i'm looking for definately and as i told CobbGoots, i really believe it has somtehing to do with the strains of the tobacco that is in particular that i'm looking for.  Maybe i can find bulk leaves of those kinds and grind myself. 

  •  Though if i made it myself i know i would never be able to reach the perfection that is Particular.
  • edited April 21 PM
      Digging into my box of various snuffs. J and H Wilsons S.P no 1, if it were without the Citrus and Bergamot would come fairly close to what i'm looking for.  Maybe if i bought some of their Old Mill in my next order it would be satisfying enough for me...i believe old mill is a plain.  I may be wrong but J&H Wilsons seems to use the similar base tobaccos to M&W.  I heard somewhere that M&W was owned by Wilsons...the same wilsons or W&S?  So many things i wish to know. Maybe someone more knowledgable than I can shed some light on this.

        I will take a walk and then maybe i can get myself down to some research.

  • I was thinking about scent cross-contam from Jock's Choice. (I didn't notice if each of M&W were stored in separate dedicated drawers in that really tight shoppe). Not sure if this was the case.. The scent lasted till the very last pinch, somewhat too intense for c-c. And I used my Particular sparingly, the tin lasted me a whole month - usually a week or two is enough to air out the ghost. Jock's heavily scented, though.

    M&W snuffs are made by Wilsons of Sharrow. Current owner of J&H Wilson snuff brands (Top Mill No.1, M.E.D.99 and SP No.1) is MacBaren, but snuffs are produced by other company. Top Mill is scented SP.
  • edited April 22 PM
    hmm. Thanks for that info volunge.  The search continues.

    Yeah, i meant top mill not old mill...and i had forgotten it was a scented S.P.

      off subject, sort of, i have been taking some sp no 1 today. Didn't like it at first but the scent has faded since i bought it. It's more enjoyable now, and the base tobacco does remind me of M&W.

  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    It's very particular for sure. I haven't found anything that is quite as nice in the SP area. I ration out my pinches of this one since I don't buy it often.
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