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Studies show nicotine does protect against coronavirus

With all these studies coming out it is looking very likely that we were correct in our assumption that snuff protects against coronavirus.


  • For what's it worth, some people are reluctant visiting GP. I know many smokers who don't give much damn about regular cold and even more serious conditions. And way, way less non-smokers..

    Interesting study, nevertheless. Good thing researchers have chosen patches as a nicotine source.
  • Tobacco for everyone!
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited April 23 PM
    You can always count on a niche online community to justify their activities, in the face of global change or adversity. Every medical guru on the planet might be racking their brains how to tackle this awful pandemic, but don't worry. We snuffers have the answer! And the fact that it's that weird thing we do that hardly anyone does these days, is no mere coincidence. Not at all.

    We know this to be true, because we like it, and enjoy it, despite millions of others thinking it's weird, assuming they've even heard of it. We know if to be true because we need to feel good about the obscene quantities we have bought and stashed under the stairs. Napoleon did it you know. He didn't die of Covid 19. That in itself means it must be true.

    Don't avoid taking ibuprofen. Don't ask for a TB jab. Shove some tobacco in your face. Preferably while sat on a 5G mast, drinking methanol, and with your belly button pointing directly at the North Star. And don't forget to clap at 8pm, because that really makes a huge difference, besides feeling good for being noticed by your neighbours for doing it really enthusiastically.

    Don't put a child's drawing of a rainbow in the window though. They cause cancer.
  • BeerandSnuffBeerandSnuff Member
    edited May 19 PM

    As others have probably been doing I have been reading up on the last
    great pandemic, in her book Pandemic 1918: The Story of the Deadliest Influenza
    in History, Catharine Arnold quotes one study thus: 

    At Repton, a boys' boarding school in Derbyshire, the school doctor experimented by administering tobacco snuff to the boys and spraying their throats with a solution of potassium permanganate, an inorganic chemical compound used as an antiseptic, with apparently successful results: the rate of infection was low.

    While too small a study to show whether this was effective I thought it was an interesting insight, some also thought that drinking copious amounts of whisky was also a good remedy.

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