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First order. How did I do plus looking for some recommendations?

SpiicySpiicy Member
Hi all!, 

Just placed my first order. Long time tobacco lover. In days long past, I used to also enjoy various things that gave my nose a nice burn. Well now-a-days I'm just looking for that nice deep burn. On a trip to Germany, a friend introduced me to snuff. Specially Poschl Schneeberg Weiss. And I loved it. The burn that is, it was a little on the sweet side for me. Now I'd like to enjoy both some tobacco and non tobacco snuff with a nice, decently strong burn (but not Fubar Bohika). Looking for some snuffs maybe with a bitter note to them. And other flavors that aren't overly sweet. I placed my first order with Mr.Snuff and Mars Cigar and would like to know how I did and take some recommendations for future orders! So here is what i ordered:

Poschl Red Bull Strong
Viking Thor's Hammer
Viking Dark 
McChrystal's Original & Genuine
Toque Spanish Gem
Wilsons Grand Cairo
FUBAR Grunt 
6 Photo Cheeta
Dholakia Sandalwood 
Silver Dollar Coffee
6 Photo India in a Box Natural
Bernard Naseweis Extra 
Dholakia Herbal  Apricot
Dholakia Herbal  Mango Masala
Molens De Kralingse Potpourri No. 1
Poschl Snuffy Weiss

Maybe I went a little overboard. Most are small sample tins though. So how did i do?
Happy sniffing!

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