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Samuel Gawith Mentholene

Just been reminded of SG Mentholene by the smell of something oily I have on my finger.

Now I've remembered about it, boy do I miss it. Was absolutely delightful, especially when fresh and moist.


  • volungevolunge Member
    What was it like? Pure menthol, or something more going on there? Never saw that snuff.
  • HoffwellHoffwell Member
    Hi @volunge It was dark, moist, and had the 'fluffy' SG grind. As for aroma it was medium menthol, not harsh but also, to me anyway, had a sort of 'rubbery' smell. Hard to describe!
  • volungevolunge Member
    @Hoffwell, are you familiar with Viking ISS and WoS Singleton's Super Cool? I haven't tried the former, only saw the picture of the snuff and read some reviews, but I assume it might be similar to Mentholene. I'm quite fond of Wilsons Singleton's Super Cool myself - it's dark brown, medium coarse, medium moist when fresh with a righteous menthol amount - just enough to make your eyes water with bigger pinch. I detect no other scents, only menthol and slight smokiness of dark tobacco. A very nice surprise from Wilsons, that darker tobacco base and coarser grind!
  • HoffwellHoffwell Member
    Hi @volunge. Have had the singletons, it's good but not like the Mentholene. I will get some ISS next order and see what that's like. Viking made by SG so maybe stands a better chance of being similar. Thanks!
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