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Is Tracking a bad thing?

We have in the past found that tracked attracts too much attention and actually slowed delivery. However, as we ship so much to the US it appears like they have given up and only very rarely are tracked shipments getting stopped. Is this still the case? Has anyone on here had any issues with tracking?


  • SnuffalufagisSnuffalufagis Member
    edited June 11 PM
    I think it has more to do with the records needing time to process than actual customs holdup. My tracked orders always take longer than untracked (by post anyway) so far all untracked orders are 2+ days faster than tracked orders. Ive yet to have a package show up opened by customs.

    That being said peace of mind is a valuable thing, its nice to know that my order isnt lost or in the wrong mailbox.
  • I think I'd agree with @Snuffalufagis on this one. I don't know anything about the time orders are taking as my first orders are still on the way but I think I'd take a few extra days wait just to know where my orders are.

    Realistically though, it doesn't make sense to me that a tracked order would take longer. Tracking nowadays is all done electronically as packages are scanned. Tracked and non tracked packages shouldn't take any longer its just that Postal digital data is far as I know anyway. I think Snuffalufagis orders that are taking longer may just be coincidence and not an indication that tracked shipments take longer to be delivered. I don't know that for sure but I've never been wrong either (If I am wrong on this, don't tell my wife). :)
  • I would choose the tracking option to the US if it was available through Toque, even if it took an extra day or two.
  • GunnarGunnar Member
    I have a package being sent by family in the UK to me in Colorado, tracked and sent on June 2nd, Royal Mail tracking and USPS are vague and I am still not sure which country it is in. Pre-Corona they reached me in 10 days like clockwork. Just an example that tracking may or may not help in these times.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @brandaves yes a reasonable person like yourself would think Tracking wouldn't slow things down. Roderick asks though because the prevailing anecdotal experience has been tracking taking longer. I personally have never tried tracked from Europe because of it, but I otherwise always pay for tracked & insured on other online orders
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited June 15 PM
    Funnily enough I too choose tracking, on most purchases. I also add insurance if I think the package or address makes the contents look valuable.  I won't if I think it will attract attention.

    Although I once sent, recorded and signed for, a pair of loafers for re-soling to a well known Italian shoe maker and they received a small brick. The best consolation was the thief got away with a worn out pair of loafers and I got a brand new pair of shoes.
  • @ar47 that's crazy to me...I'll keep that in mind when ordering though. Thanks for the tip!
  • I actually have some evidence of tracking taking longer. 2 orders placed on may 27th from 2 different vendors. 1 tracked, 1 not. Both had confirmation of shipping on may 29th at roughly the same time (within an hour). Untracked order in my mailbox in 7 business days, tracked came 2 days later. Both shipped from isle of man, post dated the same day on the package.
  • GunnarGunnar Member
    Does anyone else wonder if customs officers all over the globe have suddenly developed a love for snuff? I'm picturing them with all our packages enjoying the hell out of them :))
  • My package from toque arrived in 8 days in Italy
    Not bad and thank you for all @Roderick
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