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I want to import NTSU from south africa to UK. Who should i buy it from that can arrange shipping?

eblipeblip Member
I only use NTSU, for the past year or so. Since Covid there has been a drought.
I spoke to my main supplier today and they said they will only have NTSU back in, probably in 3 months time.
I have decided to import it myself.
I am finding it hard to find firstly the company that manufactures it in South Africa,
I have found a distributor, but it seems they only distribute huge amounts.
So if anyone can either put me onto the manufacturer or a few distributors in south africa i would be totally thankful.
Im no longer happy buying from online stores.
If they cant keep their shelves stocked, then i need to do this myself.
All the shops are stocked with beer and cigarettes during this crisis, and snuff is an addictive substance, so this should not happen.
but did..and im not prepared to pay 3.33 per tub, when i can normally get it for 1.25...thats nearly 300 percent markup.
so ill do it myself..
any help will be greatly appreciated. 


  • volungevolunge Member
    I sincerely advice you urgently stocking up on Taxi Red, while it's still available. Try mixing it with Viking Scotch Dark or Kendal Brown Original, has just restocked, should be fresh and reeking with ammonia.
  • eblipeblip Member
    thanks volunge..i just bought 12 x 25g tAXI RED..came yesterday...its the only thing that compares to the ntsu for me...good point i may need to get another job lot to get me through.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 29 PM
    @eblip, check this out:

    You may want to contact that store and inquire if NTSU is actually on stock now.

    Some South African distributors (not sure if they would be willing to do business with outsiders, tho):

    P. S. You won't believe it, but even South African snuffers are having difficulties procuring their gwayi locally now. Quite a few of them have visited Nasal Snuff Takers Fb group recently, in search for it.
  • Zebra2374Zebra2374 Member
    edited July 3 PM
    @eblip If you are interested and UK based I have about 30-40 tubs which have been vacuum packed and stored well for 9 months or so. I can do you a good deal as I dont use them anymore. Would you like me to count them up?
  • eblipeblip Member
    hey @Zebra2374 yes i would be interested in buying 2 rolls, that is 24 tubs..if the price is would take the lot, but as it is 9 months old, not sure how dry it will be...
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