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Here's what my Pharmacist said during my health review with Dr

Ok, so I was taken aside today into the little room that they have set aside for tablet review and I was given the usual questions. Do I know what my medication is for? Do I know how to take my medication and the usual thing. We then got down to the nitty gritty so I have put my answers in brackets, and his replies without. So here is my conversation with the head pharmacist, quite refreshing.

Do you Drink? (No) That's Excellent!
Do you smoke?  (I used to smoke cigs but I gave up years ago...) Well done
Do you vape? (I stopped...) Well done again to you because tobacco is a dreadful thing.
Do you take anything else? (Well yeah I have used nasal snuff for a few years because it is reportedly less harmful than smoking)
Well (said the pharmacist) my farther was 90 years old when he died and he had taken snuff for most of his life. It does no damage to the lungs...
Well (said I) I have heard that cancer of the nose is very rare and only a few cases happen each year. The literature seems to validate that very few cases of cancer from snuff taking have every been found.
That is true (said the pharmacist, it certainly helped my farther and nasal cancer is very rare. At the same time you have a amount of nicotine that is enough. Would like to see you off it but I remember my farther, he got to 90 using it.

This guy is African by the way and I think they have a lot of snuffers out their. But how fascinating, a medical professional getting off the high horse for once. 



  • When I last went to the NHS (National Health Service) doctor, he asked me if I wanted to go private.
    I said no.
     So he examined me in the waiting room.

  • Ha Ha, very good. This was NHS s well. The missed appointment list is so long, i wouldnt be suprised if they gave you 20 B and H for just showing. 

  • I said doctor I have got trouble with my hearing. 
       He asked me to describe the symptoms.
    I replied  Bart is a scrawny little American lad and his mom has got blue hair.

  • This one is genuine.  
     My grandmother took snuff and got to the grand old age of 96.

  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited August 14 PM
    @ArtChoo took me a while to understand, hahaha

    Well, there are bunch of still active lifelong smokers in my family and no history of cancer caused by that. Actually, two unrelated cases, one of my grand-grand-father was addicted to sucking some pillz (painkillers I guess) and died from throat cancer. Also, my grandmother who lives to this day - happily cured 10 years ago from breast one.

    If theres a risk when it comes to sniffing PURE tobacco, its sooo sooo minimal. Hell, I am far more concerned bout all the plastic fumes coming form chimneys every winter here. I wonder how many PET bottles me and my neighbours  inhale every year..
  • @ArtChoo nice one! Yeah and that's some good going regarding the grandmother. Did she have a favourite type?
  • @ArtChoo

    LOL Good One !!!!!!
  • Well after telling everyone on here thatI only use Crums of Comfort these days i have given in and ordered some Dholakia Mentholyptus and some Poschl JBR Wintergreen. Thoughts anyone,,,?

  • Johano
    That is English humour.  
    Subtle and not full in the face.

  • @ArtChoo hey Art, English here as well. Where abouts you from?

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