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First 100 customers get free White Fox snus!

Something I've noticed.

bobbob Member
edited September 2008 in General
When I bought the bulk orders from toque and took a pinch or spoon directly from the bag I tend to detect no real scent. However when I put the same snuff in a bullet or other container I get plenty of scent I'am I just weird or has anyone else noticed something similar?


  • Well if your using it real fresh straight from the bag, the scent might be competing with the ammonia being released. And when you decant it into something else, the ammonia has a chance to dissipate & your left with just the added scent. I have noticed this even with the fresh tins so your not alone. The more the ammonia fades usually after a few pinches the more of the scent I pick up. But its a compromise because I really enjoy the extra bite the ammonia gives. I guess its like letting a wine breathe.
  • That's a great explanation!
  • Nope it isn't amonia. That I would have smelled. I mean I get no scent.
  • Hugh?, Don't know, because I've never experienced 'no scent'.
  • Bob, this has happened to me with other snuffs but never with Toque. For me, it's always been my nose being clogged from using too many varieties. Before you tried the toque had you used about 10 different snuffs that day? C'mon...admit it!
  • Nope actualy got it in the mail right after work where I use snus. The moment I put the snuff in another container the scents jumped out at me. I know there has to be a reason for this since it always happens when I take a pinch from the zip lock bag but never under any other circumstances.
  • i have no explanation. but you should do whatever works for you ^^
  • You've even got me puzzled!
    It might be that as they are vacum sealed the snuff improves when decanted and gets some air mixed through it, after all the nose on a wine improves with air.
  • edited September 2008 PM
    Hey Roderick, you keep mentioning wine. Were you in the business?

    Oh, and thank you so much for the tin of natural. You've certainly sealed my loyalty to your company!
  • Well spotted BBB,
    I trained as an Oenologist and then worked for a number of years as a fine wine broker. I was a nose in the wine trade and now I'm a nose in the snuff trade. It's a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. LOL!
  • A ways back I was deciding between going into the Oenology program at UC Davis and getting a PhD in comparative religion. I chose poorly.
  • I really have to say the first thing that made me excited about toque Rodericks history in the wine bussiness I really think he should pimp that aspect more if possible. And badbussiness man comparative religion is very interesting in my opinion even from an amatuer stand point.
  • You can always go back to 'uni'.
  • hello friend Rodrick,

    few days back i came acrose your INDIAN connection, i met some one who knows you....i think he is in wine trade...based in india.
    it was nice to talk about you and all progress u made in your snuff business.
  • thank you Roderick.
  • Hopefully snuff will get so popular again that you will be teaching snuffology at the uni some day, Roderick.
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