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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

I do like snuff manymore

edited August 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
I love snuff. Period. The advantages of snuff over smoking tobacco ( cigarettes, cigars & pipe) are to many to name. Snuuf does not damage my lungs, does not clog my veins, does not stink, does not burn holes in my clothing, does not bother other people, does not waste so much time as smoking, can be taken anywhere, comes in a trillion flavours, is cheap in comparison with smoking tobacco, does not give me bad breath.........??????? Please Alex, don't ever "close my account"! I'm a happy snuffer and even more so since I discovered this forum. SNUFF IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Here here Pieter!

  • Yes but I have this odd, pleasant smelling dust all over my keyboard ;)
  • I like snuff because I like snuff. I never had a problem quitting cigarettes or dip when I was younger. I picked up snuff because it makes me happy.
  • My brother's nickname is "hole." Now he's calling me "sniff." So we're at his house and his wife always hears him call me "sniff." to which I reply, "hole."
  • Snuffbox tosses some magic dust over to bigblue1 :-)
  • An ice cold pint of Strong Suffolk Vintage Ale with a huge double-pinch of Irish Hight Toast! AAAH! :)
  • As much as I love snuff, it will not cause me to quit smoking. I use the two together, and it is wondrous. That's just me, though. Snuff is obviously the better choice for a million reasons, and I enjoy them equally. The taste of a pinch of McChrystals' mixing with a freshly smoked Djarum Black is heaven.
  • I just have a cig when I fancy and then use snuff the rest of the time, by refusing to get into the quitting mindset, with all that guilt stuff if you fall off the wagon, I seem to be able to only smoke at very infrequant intervals, its the thought that I will allow myself a smoke anytime I fancy that does it. Weird, but works for me.
  • That seems to work for most. If you aren't stressing about 'This is when I can smoke' and 'Only this many cigs today', you get over it alot faster. I'm not even trying to stop smoking, as it brings me great pleasure, but when I first started snuffing, I didn't smoke for nearly a month. Not because it was a goal of mine, but I was just engulfed in snuff to such a point I wanted nothing else. Now I balance them together, with great results.
  • I almost never smoke cigs not even because I tried not to I just don't find them as nice as other forms of tobacco.
  • I love tobacco, period. However, cigs are my least favourite now despite being an ex-heavy smoker. For me, cigs just do a job. I snuff, chew and dip most of the time cos I like the flavour of tobacco. The thing with cigs is that I only ever really enjoyed the first one of the day - but I love every pinch of snuff.
  • My first snuff was Jan 2nd 08, I've had 6 cigg's to the date.
    Mind you I've come to enjoy more complex tobacco products such as cigars.
    MMMMMM Montocristo #4.
    ( he says with a nose full of St. Clements).
  • Try Bolivar and the incomparable Romeo y Julieta.
  • Bolivar Petit Coronas are my absolute favorite cigar.
  • I seem to re-purchase the CAO CX2's more than any other cigar.
  • IN actual fact my favourites are Sierduik (spelling?) cheap, sweet and delicious.
  • I like the Moods cigars very much, but also the big Caminante are good. There is something very relaxing and anti-stress about a cigar, whereas cigarettes seem to me to symbolize tension and stress! Perhaps that's just me.
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