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bullets ??? help

davec32davec32 Member
edited September 2008 in General
hi all i got my new bullet today and well this sounds silly but how do i use it lol ???? its a plastic one with a small hole in the side and a twisty thing at the top ???


  • What it a bullet full of tobacco? If so, I have to open them up and fluff up the tobacco as it tends to get packed together during shipping.
  • Just press everything that blinks *lol* works with the computer :o)))
  • ha ha it did with my pc but now its broken and then tried it with the wife now she is broken also lol na only joking i think i got their after blowing my head of and burning my nose to bits its easyer to pinch lol or empty bullet onto my hand then sniff
  • Ha ha ha :o) Yes, I can't seem to understand how to use the bullets? I empty them into my snuff box and pinch from that instead too...
  • Several of the bullets I've received had to have some excess 'flash' removed from one of the two intake holes. I did this by digging it out with a paperclip for lack of anything else, but it worked fine and made the bullet much more effective. Basically it was only working on one lung instead of the two it came with, and now even some of the moist snuffs work well in it. Now I have to be extra careful not to take too big a snort with as easy and free flowing as they are. When working properly the bullets are great but when semi plugged they can be frustrating to say the least.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • nope lol i still empty it on the back of my hand and sniff from their . It just blows my head of when sniffing directly from the bullet ! . Still dont know what the wholes on the side are for .
  • snuffdogsnuffdog Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    You can sniff directly from the bullet and they are actually quite useful and practical as daily snuffholders. All you do is fill the bullet by unscrewing the bottom, fill, screw back on. Then, make sure the bullet is "on" by the 'lever' being pointed downward. Then you just load it by tapping it upside down (or nostril aperture down) a couple times and then give it a sniff....repeat twice for each nostril and take precaution when using dry snuff's not to inhale into your lungs.

    I'm sure someone more technically gifted can add an easier set of directions but it's quite easy. Make sure, again, that the holes on the 'on/off' arm/lever are clear of flash for best results. I think you'll be surprised how easy and enjoyable using a bullet can be.
  • the holes on the side allow air to come in when you are sniffing from the bullet. That way an airflow is created that allows the snuff to exit the bullet easier.
  • thanks guys tomor is bullet day lol . Il try the above hope it works for me as i drive a lot and bullets would help as its quite hard to pinch and drive !
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